Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2009

NoBSGamers writes: "The New Year is in full swing now. What about the games?"

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will114205d ago

Press agree if your excited for a PS3 game this year. Press disagree if your excited for a Xbox 360 game this year.


Kilzone 2 and GOD OF WAR 3.... ENOUGH SAID......

PotNoodle4205d ago

Since i can't click both.

Faztkiller4205d ago

would click both but cant looking forward to ps3 games the most so i click agree

but also looking forward to Halo odst

xlg4205d ago

Press agree if you are a PS3 fan.
Press disagree if you are a X360 fan.

bviperz4205d ago

So, logically, we hit report on your comment if we're a fan of both? You sure about that?

badz1494205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

I'm a PS3 and PC gamer. I don't know much what PC is going to offer this year but let see...on PS3, we'll have KZ2, GoW3, Infamous, Uncharted 2 and the new R&C! this year will be another great year for my gaming and yet another disaster year for my wallet!

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Asurastrike4205d ago

Final Fantasy XIII will only be out in Japan in 2009.

Magic_The_Celt4205d ago

PS3 exlusives splashed all accross it of course, my my PS3 really has come into its own

people are finding less and less excuses to avoid getting a PS3 :)

RememberThe3574205d ago

I think Killzone 2 and God of War 3 are may most anticipated titles this year.

But damn, this year is seeming like it's going to be crammed with quality titles.

MURKERR4205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

was missing probably so not to have the list look completley onesided,but come on killzone 2 is beyond HIGHLY anticipated,its fever pitch right now as its less than two months away

honestly as a gamer, ps3 is the gaming platform for exclusives in 2009 only haters can deny that,dont hate PARTICIPATE

Bathyj4205d ago


Replace that with Killzone and I'd probably go along with that list, although I'd personally take inFamous over FFXIII, but that might just be me.

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The story is too old to be commented.