EA Play subscription price drop

For a limited time, the monthly EA Play subscription price drop welcomes the first-time subscribers. The price has been reduced to 0.8 GBP with an 80% discount.

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Obscure_Observer89d ago

"People sub to this"

Lots of people have it as part of Ultimate Gamepass subscription. Can´t wait for Dead Space remake in a few months.

Mr Logic89d ago

It's not a bad deal. My little brother just recently started playing games and his favorite is sports. I bought him EA play for 1 year for $30. I would have spent more than that buying a copy of Madden, but now he has Madden, Fifa, RBI baseball, plus he's got access to games like Burnout Paradise and is starting to branch out.

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neutralgamer199289d ago

I get this service free I think with Game pass ultimate and still I feel like is still not worth it the only games I have downloaded I think are from PS3 Xbox 360 era

EvertonFC89d ago

Hasn't the game library for EA play been practically the same for 5 years plus 😂🤣

TheColbertinator88d ago

Decades now especially FIFA and Madden which never change

theindiearmy88d ago

I played It Takes Two and Unraveled once the service hit Game Pass Ultimate. So I'm not complaining.

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