Rocksteady’s DLC record means Suicide Squad game will be good actually

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League has a strong chance to succeed as a live service title thanks to Rocksteady Games' already sparkling DLC track record.

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PhillyDillyDee100d ago

Its a live service, chances are very high that it wont be good. After seeing the gameplay i’m sorry to say that this wont be a full priced buy for me.

Bobertt100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Yeah it seems like they tried to make 2 different games a regular Arkham type game which we see from the cut scenes and in the story and then a looter shooter live service. I saw people are speculating the reason the game took 8 years and the original guys from Rocksteady left the company was because they originally were going to make the suicide squad co op game like the old Arkham games like we would want but then WB forced them to turn it into a live service. That is why the characters seem like they were all designed to be the same shooter and then had a Suicide squad member slapped on them with a couple tacked on special moves so they can say they are different instead of feeling like they were all crafted to fight like we would expect from their comics.

Dandalandan117100d ago

It's so weird cause you see this well polished cutscene like you see with their previous title and you'll feel like you're going to play an awesome story adventure game. Then suddenly boom! A fast paced gameplay all shooting no exploration whatsoever, gear score, loadouts, etc.

P_Bomb100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

“…instead of feeling like they were all crafted to fight like we would expect from their comics.”

I felt a disconnect between the characters and the gameplay. Like Red Hood’s traversal in Gotham Knights. Deadshot I get as far as a jet pack shooter goes. The others? I don’t know man. Zoom makes more sense than a speed force gauntlet. You want a looter shooter, get Peacemaker.

Dandalandan117100d ago

I won't even touch this game unless it's free.
This is coming from someone who have purchased Collector's Editions of previous Rocksteady games day one.

DarXyde99d ago

I think live service titles *can* be good but it needs to not follow the "good eventually" model. It just needs to run well and be fun at launch so people are willing to give it a chance based on early impressions and potential. I do agree that the odds are against them though. I do hate the second/third/nth chance these games get and it gives perverse incentive to launch something half-baked and fix it later after the damage has been done.

That said, I'm really looking forward to what Naughty Dog is cooking up. I suspect they're going to reveal and launch a banger of a game

Inverno100d ago

I thought most people were pissed with Knights dlc pass? I remember them being quiet about it then revealing it was mostly cosmetics

Nitrowolf2100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Cause most were, so idk what track record for DLC they have that constitutes being good. Most were very mixed and thought Arkham Knight character DLC were half-assed

"The Mr Freeze centric In From The Cold built off the beautiful-yet-bittersweet Arkham Origins DLC expansion Cold, Cold Heart with a poignant emotional core and satisfying missions. "

Rocksteady had nothing to do with Arkham Origins other than the fact that they started the Arkham series. That was a WB Montreal and other co-developer game.

So their DLC record overall is bleh, probably the least memorable things about the games

isarai100d ago

My thoughts exactly, even the most wanted DLC was pretty lackluster besides the mr freeze mission. Have no clue what this article is talking about.

EvertonFC100d ago

Gamers have already made there mind up on SS, it'll be another release disaster with the usual live service comments.
I personally don't like live service games so I steer clear of them but I also don't shite all over them before the games even come out.

hotnickles100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Rocksteady gets my benefit of the doubt until they lose it. I will buy anything they make until I feel letdown. They are one of the few I hold in that regard. I have zero interest in suicide squad, I’m buying the brand.

-Foxtrot100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

What message does that send though?

If it doesn’t look or feel right and you have no interest don’t buy it. Don’t let them think this new live service mindset is a good path to be on.

If this fails horribly they will be back to pure single player goodness like the old Arkham games

hotnickles100d ago

It’s a franchise I don’t like, it’s been through what, a 10 year development hell. There are many reasons to avoid and I wouldn’t try to convince someone otherwise.

Rocksteady hasn’t done anything for me to doubt them and I consider them one of the underutilized greats. You only get to screw my trust over once though. That’s the message I’m sending if any. They are in high status with me. If it fails they will have to earn my trust again like everyone else but they will never be held in that same regard again. That loss hurts way worse than any random flop.

The Witcher 2, 3 and gog had built that same level of regard with me and CDPR. Then cyberpunk happened and that is completely gone. That’s what they lost and it was felt deeply by them despite the great sales.

EvertonFC99d ago

You have no interest in SS yet buying the brand pmsl 😂🤣

BlackOni99d ago

You can always just wait to see for yourself what's going on with the game from a bird's eye view once it releases before deciding to buy it, especially if you have no interest in it...

hotnickles99d ago

What’s the fun in that? I’m interested in rocksteady not SS

BlackOni99d ago (Edited 99d ago )

@hotnickles That's a slippery slope. Supporting something just because it came from a studio kinda validates a "No matter what you do it's fine, we'll all love it anyway" mentality. Imagine the worst game ever made (ride to hell retribution anyone?) and it coming from Rocksteady. That tells them "We can literally output the worst game material ever, and people will still buy it, so we don't even need to try anymore."

What kind of message does that send to them? Reward great products with support and you'll always ensure the games you actually want, come to fruition.

hotnickles99d ago

I do not believe in the slippery slope fallacy. That’s not how anything actually works in real life. There is always something to stop the crash, we’re a very adaptive species.

The support doesn’t end at the sale. I’m not saying whatever they do is fine. I’m saying everything they have done so far is fine and because I hold them in high regard they get a sale from me no matter what it is. Even the lamest franchise ever thought of, the suicide squad.

If the game is trash their spotless reputation is over. They won’t think “wow I can put out trash and everyone will buy it” they will get hammered into oblivion and never looked at the same again.

An example I used earlier is CDPR. They were at the top of the world. Easily the most consumer friendly company in gaming. Until cyberpunk. Now cyberpunk sold great but do you feel like the message they got was “wow I can put out complete trash and anyone will buy it”. No, the opposite. Their company almost collapsed lol. Their reputation was dragged hard and no one will ever give them the benefit of the doubt like that again.

Rocksteady has done nothing for me to doubt them. When they do I will change my view. They will be dragged and their reputation will be lost. If the message they take is “they buy my trash” then they won’t be around long. Unfortunately.

BlackOni98d ago

Lol, okay. I won't tell you what to do with your money, but your point is not how anything actually works in real life, and one bad product won't ruin them as long as there are people like you who will blindly follow and support whatever they do.

You can still love and support something without being blind to the possibility that something they make is bad. It's not a binary situation, it's much more nuanced than that. But again, do whatever you like with your money. Just don't be upset if it isn't what you want, and they continue down a path that isn't what you want based on this. It can still review poorly and sell well, it's happened to many games (Fifa anyone?)

hotnickles98d ago

I didn’t get the impression that you were telling me what to do with my money. I would ignore it anyway lol. I get it I’m just clarifying my position because apparently it makes people leak their pants in confusion lol

I’m not blind to the possibility of them making a bad game. I think it’s highly possible. I don’t blindly support and follow bad practices. I have never bought a single lootbox. Have you? I don’t blindly write off games because the internet is mad about always online either. Do I think that sucks? Yes. Am I an activist on the internet about it? No, I don’t care enough and I don’t believe in slippery slopes lol.

I also don’t believe in reviews. I couldn’t care less about the birdseye metacritic consensus on any game. I don’t game like that, I get my hands dirty. Do I buy duds sometimes? Sure. But they are duds to me not Clyde Flowerchild He/Him from g4mersdotcom. I gamble on weird games all of the time lol. I gamble on weird movies all of the time too. That’s the fun in it for me, finding that diamond in the trash pile. I blame mst3k.

Rocksteady is an easy gamble for me, that’s all I’m saying. They have never let me down. They have my blind ante. For now. When they let me down I won’t blindly follow their bad practices. Neither will anyone else unless it’s a freak COD or fortnite phenomenon which is rare. Bad practices ruin companies, if they take advantage it doesn’t last long. They end up a husk of their former status. Studios in name only like BioWare.

It’s easy to think that dumb practices will slip down the slope because of dumb people. It makes sense, people are very dumb. Self-correction always defeats dumb people though, it’s just slow and methodical most of the time. Dumb people on the slope are not the worthy adversary you think they are, they are unimpressive and lose 99.99 percent of the time.

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Dandalandan117100d ago

Hahahaha NO!
Not with that generic 3rd person looter shooter shoot the purple circle gameplay shown wherein aside from their traversal style all characters plays the same way because everyone have access to the same guns.

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