Hey Free Radical…we still believe in you

LinuxGuru of PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"This re-posting of my review of Haze I wrote earlier in 2008 is in honor of a studio that brought us a beloved franchise (Timesplitters) and is, unfortunately, under a little pressure lately. Free Radical in no way deserves to be left out in the cold, and we sincerely hope that some investors step forward…soon.

Also added is a special intro. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to support Free Radical!"

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TheColbertinator4210d ago

That is kind.

I don't want Free Radical to die.I hope someone helps them out now because no developer deserves this.Reminds me of when Origins Systems went down

ballsofsteel4210d ago

Free Radical has not rolled well with the time imo. they were great back in the day but now with games like Haze that is the definition of generic

barom4210d ago

Even I who found HAZE to be quite enjoyable would not give it such a high score. Something more around 7.5-8/10 would be fair or B-. The game was definitately not as bad as most people wants it to be. Especially the co-op and the multiplayer. The single player is kinda somewhere between so-so and bad. But I personally love the multiplayer, there is a mode (think it's assault mode) where you do objectives. So instead of "kill the enemy" it's "go steal some crates" or "blow that building up" or something along those lines.

It's been a while since I've played it now with all the new games I bought. But I definitately intend to go back and play it. It was so much fun playing dead or plant a bomb. Mantel soldier wasn't as fun I must admit, everything felt automatic.

Anyway if you're someone who likes to play around and mess with the AI. I would definitately recommend HAZE (at a low price point of course, like 10-20$). I mean stuff like in Metal Gear the CQC moves (especially the human shield) or in San Andreas where you could gather up some gang members and go loose. I mean they're not even close to being the same but you know just messing around and have fun with the AI. You can do that in this game with the nectar grenade stuff and it's always fun to do the weapon steal mode or even the play dead thing (all are on the rebel side though). I think at least...

nos4speed4210d ago

Yeah this is too bad, these days developers are on a knives edge, once slip up and there gone :(

Seems unfair when rockstar can overhype the shiz out of a game which really wasnt up to much yet still sell so many units and keeps its respect. Oh well at least midnight club rocked!

P.S every1 go buy valkyria chronicles!! Just started playing it and OMG it rocks!! It deserves way more sales!

DrWan4210d ago

Sony should buy them if they have extra money around, but of course i think Level 5 should be the next reasonable purchase because they lack strong internal RPG team.

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