Microsoft Flight Simulator - Blackbird Reveals Tons of Aircraft: Hercules, Eagle, Black Hawk, & More

Third-party developer Blackbird had plenty of reveals to share for Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, while a relevant airport has been released.

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rlow196d ago

I really think Helicopters would be a blast to fly.

Abriael96d ago

They're already in the sim.

rlow195d ago

I remember when I was in Japan back in the 90s and at the Arcade. They had a helicopter simulator with all the controls. The whole thing including the screen moved left and right about 180 degrees and moved up and down. It also pivoted up and down as well. You could pick out some objectives, like putting out fires on skyscrapers or saving people on mountains. It was very cool. I haven’t played this game yet, but I want to.

CobraKai95d ago

I used one to find my house. Low poly. Low res. But it was cool actually recognizing the streets and neighborhoods