OPM Scores Killzone 2, Street Fighter IV, Persona 4

Here is the first review score for Killzone 2 and some other games.

Killzone 2 (PS3) 5/5
Street Fighter IV (PS3) 5/5
Persona 4 (PS2) 4.5/5
PES 2009 (PS3) 4.5/5
Shaun White Snowboarding (PS3) 3.5/5
Sonic Unleashed (PS3) 3/5
EndWar (PS3) 3/5
Rise of the Argonauts (PS3) 2.5/5

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ThatCanadianGuy4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


On a side note.Rise of the Argonauts.Wow.One of the most disappointing games you will ever play.Rent it before you waste precious game money buying it !

Snake Raiser4238d ago

Not bad, just wish there was an actual review. BIG BOSS knows 7 languages, so he can read this.

fury4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

they gave

Haze 2.5/5
Lair 2.5/5
Resistance 2: 4/5
Uncharted 4/5
Heavenly Sword 4/5
Warhawk 3.5/5
GT5P 4/5

so they are usually pretty harsh when it comes to ps3 exclusive games.
I can hardly wait for Killzone 2. this is going to be a banquet for the eye.

Snake Raiser4238d ago

Very good. You should post that in the open zone... I would, but the mods don't like it when I steal other peoples stuff.... gotta keep a low profile. (hides in box)

chewy3174238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Killzone 2 is a first day purchase for me and i think it will probably sell quite well.

fury4238d ago

the people will most likely figure it out.
I made an update to the description. just in case.

Sony PlayStation 34238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )


I was in the multiplayer beta and it was AMAZING! I'm glad to see the campaign is as good as the multiplayer!

Day 1!!!

PataponKnight4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Who actually didn't think this was gonna be day one purchase, even before this review(if its even that)? Anyways: Day 1!!! :P

sunnygrg4238d ago

Perfect sunshine. Weather is expected to be in the high 90s or a perfect 100. Expect Eurogamer, Gametrailers, Gamespot in the low 80s.

PataponKnight4238d ago

They're gonna start crying once they pop those disks in, but they'll still deny all the awesomeness they see.

badz1494238d ago

then, it's great news! if not, well I'm not basing my purchase over reviews! KZ2 has always been my day 1 purchase since I bought my PS3!

Gambit074238d ago

I think Gamespot will give it a 9 or higher, they're not as biased as people make them out to be.

SuperM4238d ago

Neither Gamespot nor Gametrailers is going to give this game a low score. Eurogamer, you never know.

liquidsnake4238d ago

IGN and Gamespot are cool imo, but GT and Gamedaily and other [email protected] up sites are the ones who are biased. Anyways, every damn website on earth could give this game 0/10, I would still buy it.


Psn ID is jon_abobo. Add me so we can battle online on FEB 25TH... :)

Bubble Buddy4238d ago

Nice score but they'll get more 10's if they take my advice to the more *ahem* biased reviewers: Say Killzone 2 is coming for 360, let them review it, and tell them the truth that it's not. :)

eagle214238d ago

Killzone 2 starts 2009 with a bang! Wow, PS3 is on a roll with AAA exclusives. Happy 09' and haterz be damned. :)

tatotiburon4238d ago

LMAO PES2009 4.5/5?? hahaha i stoped right there, the worst soccer game ever

RPG Guy4238d ago

Hilarious and probably true. Kojima saying MGS4 was going to the 360 would have guaranteed an A+ from 1up (remember the F* you Kojima issue?). Then, you just turn around after release and say, nope.

Maybe that's what Square is doing with FFXIII? lol.

This game will score well with the non-traditional douchebage. With the traditional ones (1up, gametrailers, gamespot, gamesradar) expect some underscoring.

MasFlowKiller4238d ago

Gametrailer to give it a 8.8, 1up a 9.3, gamespot a 9.5, gamepro a 4.5/5, IGN AU a 9.6, IGN UK a 9.3, IGN USA a 9.3 too rememnber this numbers ill bet they are right in the money

BrunoM4238d ago

Humm i got to agree with you .... iy aint a normal thing to see things like these in our industry now a days so im happy that they do these ..

now in another hand CARALHO o porto e muinto melhor que o sporting hahahahaha dont you think? lol

gameraxis4237d ago

look at this... when the edge review comes out if they say its not original and is just a pretty face... they loose all cred, why? because

"it’s OK to do things by the numbers so long as those numbers are bigger than everyone else’s." -EDGE R2 REVIEW!!!


its just a shame people won't bother to look into it... just had to put it out there

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Snake Raiser4238d ago

(chants) PS3-PS3-PS3-PS3 P-S-3!!!!
BIG BOSS and snake know seven languages... they would be laughing
(at us) now.

jromao4238d ago

Don't remember to see so much truth in just one mag, and this time all reviews seem to be very accurate and honest, even great PES 2009 got a correct score and not the lies many (under payment) tried to spread.

Long live to Killzone 2 and PES.

earwax4238d ago

MGS4.........sad for a MG game.......Unfarted......out sold by Viva Pinata SAD........and Little big me this game can do what MGS4 could NOT......sell systems AND games

ReTarDedFisHy4238d ago

Tell me, do you REALLY, HONESTLY care about sales? Does it somehow make you feel better if MORE people have the same game? If you really feel that way, follow the herd and buy a Wii.

El Zorro Rojo4237d ago

Well, sales are kind of important because sales often decide whether we will see a sequel or not and how much money will be spent towards said sequel. It also is a good indicator of how desirable a game is to people in general.

If a game I like gets poor sales that doesn't mean I am going to stop liking or playing that game, but you can't act like it doesn't matter.

Theoneneo814237d ago

well What Games does your RROD360 last time i check i think Halo
wars was it

AngryTypingGuy4237d ago

Yeah it's a shame when great games don't see sequels because of poor sales. Great sales don't equal great games.

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fury4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

they gave

Haze: 2.5/5
Lair: 2.5/5
Resistance 2: 4/5
Uncharted: 4/5
Heavenly Sword: 4/5
Warhawk: 3.5/5
GT5P: 4/5

B-Rein4238d ago

yeh fury is tryin to prove this magazine is not ps3 biased just becouse its a ps magazine.

I can't wait killzone 2 must be good gettin 5/5, 25th feb it is

NaiNaiNai4238d ago

wait what happened here, you all said that 360 rating sites should stick to 360 games. even if they give games like MGS4 9+ out of 10
so now you turn around and do this. you guys really are pathetic.

ash_divine4238d ago

what are you taiking about? this is from OPM. not OXM, so techinically that has nothing to do with whether or not 360 sites should stick to 360 games.

B-Rein4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

whats with disagrees i jus agreed to sum 1, u lausy xbots why are you aloways butting in ps3 news

Bubble Buddy4238d ago

If you could delete comments, NaiNaiNai would have deleted his. Yes it's from a PlayStation Mag and you are incorrect. Or maybe he/she'll just give us some disagrees.

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Killzonegamer834238d ago

one question though. Im confused, i thought they rated games on a 1-10 scale, how did it get a 5/5 or am i mistaken?

PataponKnight4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

It varies from site to site. Some even have the stupid letter system still, but for the 5/5 ratings people like to multiply the scores by 2 to bring them back to 10/10 scale, even though that doesn't make much sense.

Sarcasm4238d ago

They actually rate them by 5 stars.

Honolulu4238d ago

They changed their system for ratings

SAiOSiN4238d ago

Technically it's a 1-10 scale since they use half stars. They changed their grading scale late last year, when they changed from PSM to PTOM. Can't wait for my issue to come in the mail. DAY 1 SUCKAS!

LeonSKennedy4Life4238d ago

PSM used to be a good magazine. They changed Editor-In-Chiefs the week before they reviewed Warhawk and Lair...which made us all angry when Warhawk got a low score. Warhawk was amazing! The Editor-In-Chief from OXM took over, giving us the impression that there would be a slight bias from then on. It was so.

Nobody reads PSM anymore because Chris Slate and a few others are gone. It sucks now. It's not very entertaining.

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