Ten things to try when you get Crackdown

Next week Crackdown will hit the streets and gamers everywhere will explore the game in all its sandbox goodness. But what can you a person do in Crackdown ... what can one do? The EWoC Team posted a somewhat humorous video of the top ten things they feel you have to try in Crackdown. This video was made using the demo that is available on the XBLM, so if you won't be purchasing the game you can still try out some stunts.

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InMyOpinion4888d ago

This game is awesome. Give it 2 hours, then try to quit playing...

ryanjtravis4888d ago

Very cool, I'm looking forward to causing some mayhem next week :)

ASSASSYN 36o4888d ago

The love you will have for this game is why it is called Crackdown. It`s Crack baby yeagh!

Jay da 2KBalla4888d ago

Me and my friends love this game. AAA title indeed. Cant wait to buy it. Originally I was unsure about the graphics but now I really like them and the draw distances are really good.

Bullseye4887d ago

Number one.Getting your money back.Utter rubbish, if the demo is anything to go by.

Yo Wassap4887d ago

Well too bad for you i guess...

Has to be one of the best game si have ever played, that video was genius though. The editing was just brilliant.

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