PSVR2 Right Sense Controller Issues List of Workaround and Fixes

PSVR2 right Sense controller issues have been reported by various users, and here's a list of workaround and fixes straight from the community.

Neonridr96d ago

some of these issues have to be software related. On the reddit you see people with problems that are things like the controllers work in the menus fine, but then in specific games they aren't responding as they should.

Hopefully Sony can issue some patches and fixes to help address some people's issues.

fr0sty95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

I'm thinking the same, firmware bugs. It would seem hardware errors wouldn't be fixed by some of these workarounds.

Nitrowolf295d ago

One thing i did notice is that this could potentially be because some users are using seated vs. standing in-game, and those games are getting confused. So might be a software thing tbh. With Pavlo i was using seated and couldnt get past the tutorial cause anytime I pushed L3 to run it wouldn't. Turns out, despite selecting seated, I had to standup because the game mistook me always being in crouch positon

kryteris94d ago

you also must have your gun pointing down or weapon stowed.

Nitrowolf294d ago

That too, but you don't get ur gun until after that portion of the tutorial. Had me stuck there then i jumped online and was wondering why im so short lol

generic-user-name95d ago

Feeling grateful I'm not affected by this. I'd be mad salty after waiting so long. Get this sorted fast Sony.

DaReapa95d ago

Same here. Keeping my fingers crossed, though.

jznrpg95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

So far so good for me . Unfortunately all new products have some issues . Hopefully they get them fixed asap . Going to start RE8 tonight when the kids go to sleep soon

LiViNgLeGaCY95d ago

This is exactly what's happening to me, sadly.

Deathdeliverer95d ago

Read my comment and try that. I haven’t been able to fully enjoy mine since launch. Let me know.

Deathdeliverer95d ago

I got mine fixed (left controller) and none of the tutorials worked from the net. From the safe mode (when the PlayStation is OFF, not rest mode, you hold power till the second beep) you just select reset to default values. It’ll erase all your settings, erase your controllers, all that. I got an error when I tried to do it in the safe menu and it said it would have to turn off. I hit ok, then started it regularly. Even though it said error, it had started over almost like I just bought it. Logged in, all my stuff was the same, plugged in the headset first and turned it on. Plugged in VR controller one via usb, turned it on and it paired. Plugged in controller R, did the same. Switched to 5 different games and it has yet to stop working. Thank god. I was so annoyed, now I can say with zero reservations that it’s amazing.

EvertonFC94d ago

Good tip with the reset option

Zeke6894d ago

@ Deathdeliverer
IF I do that , does it mean I need to re-download ALL my games on my 2 SSD's? (Almost 3 TB of games) Login to all apps like Netflix, HBO and so on? Set VRR, ALLM and all the other 4K TV settings?
The downloading alone will take me a day or two even with 1000MB fiber - downloading is fast - installing is slooow. ;)
Seems like a lot of unpaid work for something Sony messed up to begin with.. Anyway, can't do this yet as I need to transfer my Wo Long Demo save to full game March 3rd and I don't want to risk losing that. Found to much great gear in the demo so far.

Deathdeliverer94d ago

No, don’t have to redownload anything

Zeke6894d ago

Thanks, I'll try this out tomorrow then 🦾😉

Deathdeliverer93d ago

Just wondering how it worked out for you?

Zeke6893d ago (Edited 93d ago )

@Deathdeliverer Short version - No it didn't work.
Longer version - After much thought and so I finally decided to take backup on all my saves, wiped my PS5 clean through safe mode option #6 and spent entire day yesterday with downloading and reinstalling everything. Setup my 120HZ VRR TV with all the proper settings and so on.
Felt like it was time for a clean start after all the system crashes in Witcher 3 PS5 version that I now platinumed and uninstalled.
So a fresh system. First thing today I connected my PSVR2 and the guide started: Connect Sensecontroller R(!) said you started with L... And without thinking I had paired R first...again.. :(
Everything worked fine, I set up my headset and gamespace to play in and fired up Horizon COTM. I can see both controllers respond in front of me but still, all buttons on R are F-IN DEAD! :(
I can make it work again but resetting them both with a needle in that tiny reset hole under each controller but I just want it work "out of the box" like you and others seem to make it work.
For the first time I start to consider returning everything, but it's a hassle too, and I bought 8 games from PS Store so returning them might be a problem now that I downloaded them all.. :(
Running out of energy here. Thank god Wo Long comes on friday or this gaming week would feel like 100% crap.
Sorry for rant but I just get so F'd up and exhausted with all this nonsense.

I can make it work (for a while at least) by resetting them with a needle and the PSVR2 is great the little time I have spent with it last days but how do I know my controllers don't have a hardware failure of some sort?!
I hate the uncertainty, it's like a wet blanket over my gamingexperience when it should be something that should be a pure joy since day one...

I just tried "forgetting" the controllers under options and reconnected them with L first before R sensecontroller, but same crap... This is alot of money spent for playing with one hand lol.
I will drink my morning coffee now and when I try your method once again. After that I might just give up because no word from Sony support if they even have a new firmware in the works to solve this... :(

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Deathdeliverer94d ago

Also as an update I’ve turned my PlayStation off and on. No issues. It’s a software issue. Hopefully a patch comes out soon so that people not in the know aren’t feeling like I did up until I found my own cure.

Zeke6893d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I just tried your way again (see my long post above if you haven't) but now it doesn't want to start the setup guide for PSVR2... Wow, I'm running out of options fast. ;)
I'm glad it work for you at least, I hope it still works!? :)

Zeke6893d ago (Edited 92d ago )

Last update on this matter. I got both controllers connected, works fine in PS5 menus and so on but still R is dead in Horizon apart from the movement of the controller itself. When I push all buttons on L it lights up ingame - even the stick. But nothing on R.
If I use a needle and reset R it works fine until I turn off the game and starts again. No response on the buttons.
Part of me thinks it's firmware/drivers issue. The other half think it's something wrong with the tracking chip inside it. But it's all guesses and I haven't seen a single post from Sony/Playstation that they are even working on a fix for this and the support is as useless as they always are.
Over 800 € (plus another 100+ for the games) down the drain until this is fixed. If they even can fix it?!! :(

Deathdeliverer92d ago

Yeah it works like a charm. I gave a more detailed list. Follow it, it’s a lot. It’s everything I did that night. You won’t have to redownload anything. Do that exact man and let me know. I was frustrated as hell for the first few days. I fully understand.

Deathdeliverer92d ago

That is exactly how it was for me but on the left. Definitely a software issue. In horizon where you climb up the dock and the buttons light up for you to run. Menus great, in game is great to if you reset IN the game. If you go to the UI for ANY reason it stops working again. Believe me I know. The controller is fine though. It just has an error in the system software. Btw, do you have any beta software installed? I had the system update beta installed at first. I went back to the regular software. Just wondering.

Deathdeliverer92d ago

Dude I’ll detail everything I did one more time with better clarity. I think I left out one thing I did.
1) with your PlayStation on and both VR controllers on reset both controllers with a pin ** as I’m sure you’re just as frustrated with that as I was. I could put that pin in in my sleep.** when you do that they turn off. Leave them off.
2) Using your regular controller turn the PlayStation off.
3) While it’s off, reset your VR controllers again WHILE THEY ARE OFF. Odd I know, but that was a suggestion from the Sony tech guy I talked to. Just get a good deep press on both.
5) Go to safe mode with your controller. (Just going to have you do EVERYTHING I did that night in the order I did it.)
6) option 5 Rebuild the database. Go back to safe mode.
7) Clear the Cache. Go back to safe mode.
8) Restore default settings. You might get an error that it failed or couldn’t be done. When your PS5 boots it should be asking your region and have you sign in. If it doesn’t boot that way, safe mode and try again. Even though it failed and said it couldn’t be done on mine, it worked anyway.
8) Do that then when you’re logged in, go to the settings> System settings> system update and ensure the latest version is installed. Something tells me there’s a reinstall update option but I don’t remember.
9) Plug in the headset. Turn it on. It will say to make sure your controller is in your hand. Using the dual sense PS5 pad confirm it.
10) using the usb plug in the left controller. Push the PS button. DONT UNPLUG IT.
11) **EVEN THOUGH it tells you just to press the PS button on the right controller do not** Plug in the right controller with another USB cable while the Left is plugged in. (I have a cord in the back of my PS and one in the front.) Press the PS button to pair. Unplug them.
12) Select a game using the DUALSENSE, not the VR controllers!
13) See if your hands are reacting. If they are, using the dualsense switch to another game. Moment of truth here. See if they react. If they do, weep silently. Your patience has paid off. If not, I apologize. That’s literally everything I did and how I did it.
14) None of this deleted anything so there’s no redownloading. Let me know if it works.

Zeke6892d ago (Edited 92d ago )

13) I started Horizon VR -WITH regular Dualsensecontroller- and picked up my sensecontrollers and can see them move around accordingly in the ingame world. Pushed stick on left controller and pushed a button - all light up as they should. I pick up right controller. Push stick on it.. and... NOTHING!. Neither stick or buttons react a bit. I can spin it around however and it tracks on screen but the buttons are dead... BUT. If I push PSbutton the menybar appears and all the buttons work there. I can turn off the game or go to VR settings and so on. But as soon as I return to ingame only the buttons stop responding. F**K!!
I followed every single step, I re-read every sentence 2-3 times before actually doing anything but no luck I'm afraid.
But it was worth a shot. A huge Thank You for taking the time and write that excellent "walkthrough". :) Just my bad luck it wouldn't work for me. Now I'm taking a break and will go out on a walk to clear my head and be the old grumpy man I feel like until my wife comes home from work. I guess I have to reset my right controller ingame EVERY time I want to play it and I pray to all my gods in Valhalla that a hotfix for this is released in a day or two or I will go totally bananas. LOL ;)
Thanks again for the will to try to help out and I wish you a great day!! Do me a favour and play some awesome PSVR2games and be confident you did your best to help a fellow gamer out! :)

Edit: No no betasoftware since I bought the PS5. Had a severe incident with Betasoftware on my PS4 Pro that almost bricked it so I won't try any beta's again. ;)

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