Halo Infinite Season 3 Launches March 7; Promises the "Biggest Multiplayer Update" for the Game

343 Industries and Microsoft announced the launch date of Halo Infinite's Season 3, titled "Echoes Within" and coming next month.

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Obscure_Observer96d ago

Lol. Art´s room is gonna be mad fun!

4Sh0w96d ago

Yeah Arts room looks fun, overall great trailer.

Tacoboto95d ago

Forge Lord confirmed on Twitter it's not coming to the Community Playlist. Weird to be included in the trailer for "aesthetics" only but hopefully they'll change their mind

Obscure_Observer95d ago

Wth. Why did they include it in the trailer?

Tacoboto95d ago

"Its inclusion in the trailer was because of the aesthetics of the map." Weirdest thing - cool to show, not cool enough to include?

franwex96d ago

I was wondering it this was still getting support. I guess so. Haha

badz14996d ago

it's Halo, they kinda HAVE TO support it through and through until the next installment comes. dropping support off just like that would be the same as if Nintendo suddenly decide to move on from Mario. for many, Halo is Xbox just as Mario is Nintendo.

akurtz96d ago

What new issues will this update bring?

onisama96d ago

More ps fanboys crying in this site

ApocalypseShadow96d ago

Does that include local split screen and campaign co-op as big multiplayer update?

blackblades96d ago

Wasn't local split canceled or was just delayed cant remember

Elit3Nick96d ago

The guy's being a troll, don't take him seriously

ApocalypseShadow95d ago

Ignoring Nick, they can't be announcing a big update about multiplayer but totally ignore the cancellation of what I said above.

They're are only expanding online multiplayer so that they can continue to monetize their user base though game pass. But these gamers don't care that that's what's happening.

Lightning7795d ago

Campaign Co Op has been available since last year. Local Split screen can be done via a work around.

Gaming4Life198196d ago

Can't wait for this to drop and hopefully this is the start of 3 month seasons and steady updates.

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