PlayStation, Where Are You?

Devin Rardin: Aside from a few scant PlayStation Blog posts in 2023, Sony has been awkwardly silent, leaving fans in the dark.

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LG_Fox_Brazil212d ago

Pretty sure that they are developing Spider-Man 2, Wolverine and the new multiplayer mode of The Last of Us. There is also Lightfall for Destiny 2 in the coming days if you like the franchise and probably other stuff that will just be revealed when it's closer to release

SullysCigar212d ago

LAME article.

They've literally just done a State of Play and immediately before that they launched the next gen VR headset. Before that has been VR2 build up. They had the Super Bowl advertisement, the TV campaign for Hogwarts, the Live from PS5 campaign, the Ozzy plays PSVR2 TV advert, from the top of my head.

"PlayStation, Where Are You?" - Everywhere, open your damn eyes.

Obscure_Observer212d ago

"PlayStation, Where Are You?" - Everywhere, open your damn eyes."

Lol. Calm down, dude.

The article is about Sony´s first party games in 2023 and beyond.

"Sony, from a business standpoint, doesn’t necessarily need to have a showcase. Sony’s PlayStation 5 has been a success, and now that it is more accessible than ever, it could probably remain under the radar and be fine. At the same time, as a follower of the industry, it’s nice to be in the loop. A showcase is a gift, a teaser, and an exciting promise. When we go a while without one, it’s like walking around a desert gasping for water. I know that’s extreme, but in a world where, sadly, everything is competition, PlayStation fans need proof that their platform of choice will provide the necessary entertainment going forward."

PS dude is just a little impatient.

Sonic1881212d ago Show
Hofstaderman212d ago

Pretty sure you can find them in the top sales charts for hardware and game lmao.

FinalFantasyFanatic211d ago

At least two out of the three major gaming console manufacturers are actually doing something, I suppose if you have your eyes closed and your hands over your ears, then it looks like Sony isn't doing anything. Their last presentation was fine though, at least they had stuff to be excited for, even if there wasn't alot there for me personally, and I suspect they have more up their sleeves, hopefully before E3.

StormSnooper211d ago

Exactly. They JUST released PSVR2. Are we holding them to some crazy standard here? WTF? So weird that the author has no clue about anything going on in gaming.

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shinoff2183211d ago

Obscure I think your a little off in your ps dude is a little impatient. That's not the case at all. I think its most people for one.

Then there's people like me and I assume you. I'm ps first then Xbox and Nintendo are kinda tied for me for secondary. Anyway I've got the patience of paint drying. I've been super excited for hogwarts. Have the money for it but I'm just trying to wrap up this star ocean game im playing and I'll go get it. I don't need something day 1 release date at midnight. There's alot of us like that and I don't think you can say either way a particular whos more patient as patients doesn't know a side it's more a will and emotion.

Nice try at some bs shade though

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Sonic1881212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

I could say the same thing about Microsoft. Where's the games at? It's been over a decade. Where are you? Will Starfield be delayed again🤔

Obscure_Observer212d ago


"Will Starfield be delayed again🤔"

Maybe, can´t tell you the future, son. XD

Mr Pumblechook211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

@Sonic1881 "I could say the same thing about Microsoft. Where's the games at?"

What are you talking about?!
If you look at the quality titles from the end of last Xbox had the fantastic Pentiment and Game Pass hit High on Life both have a higher Metacritic score than Forspoken.

Halo Infinite Echoes Within is going to drop in a couple of weeks.

Forza Horizon Rally Adventure expansion also drops in March.

Starfield is coming soon and could be the best WRPG.

And leaks reveal a new Gears of War game is on the way.

Xbox fam is eating good!

211d ago
shinoff2183211d ago

Mr pumble

Pentiment really. F a score the game looks whack as f imo and not remotely close to being actually fun. I think pentiment was a more a thing like "well they finally gave us something we will have to like it"

Also I think he was talking more the Xbox has been extremely barren since Xbox one.

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northpaws212d ago

Also pretty sure, Ghost of Tsushima 2, Horizon 2 DLC, Horizon 3.

Crows90211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

I'm hoping for an infamous game again actually. Hoping for some rumour of a metal gear remaster. Excited for death stranding 2. Excited for spiderman and curious about last of us multiplayer. Really excited for the future wolverine game as well. Also wondering what house marquee is up to after that glorious game returnal.
Contemplating buying psvr2...when i have the funds.

gleepot211d ago

Lightfall isn't Sony's game. Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine would be great surely, but we can't deny that this generation Sony simply hasn't really showed up.

SonyStyled211d ago

Spider-Man (games) and Wolverine aren’t Sony game IPs either, but Marvel is really enjoying bed with Insomniac and it works for Sony/Insomniac too. If it would be better for Marvel to use another developer and publisher they’ll seek that down the road, but it worked too good with Spider-Man to expand to Wolverine.

There’s been a PlayStation big game news drought for a while now. It’s been 5-6 yrs since PixelOpus and Media Molecules last game release, what are they doing? We want to know new PlayStation studio news but it’s been silent since the Activision thing and is probably a reason for the drought of news and announcements

GamerRN211d ago

They are trying to stay low key until they can convince the FTC to block the Microsoft deal

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Nyxus212d ago

Well, I mean, they did just release a universally praised VR headset.

Jericho1337212d ago

Still trying to stay low key in the wake of the MS + ABK acquisition. I mean, it’s been a year and a half since their last major showcase, and yet they’re bizarrely getting excused because, well, they’re Sony.

gleepot211d ago

sony isn't releasing very many games, i think that's the point here

Obscure_Observer212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

"I mean, it’s been a year and a half since their last major showcase, and yet they’re bizarrely getting excused because, well, they’re Sony."

I think Sony burned most of its big guns already.

GT7, GOW, Spider Man: Miles, Demon Souls Remake, Horizon Forbidden West, R&C and the upcoming Spiderman 2, ND´s Factions and Wolverine. Which means that most of those studios will be on s hiatus working on their next projects for the next 4-5 years.

Sony still have Bend, Sucker Punch, Firesprite, Bungie, Haven and Japan Studio that might be working on some AAA first party games to be announced soon.

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purple101211d ago

Naughty dog. Insomniac & gurilla are multi team developers now

porkChop211d ago

Nah. Most of Sony's devs have multiple teams working on different projects. They should be just fine with new releases.

northpaws211d ago

Translation of what obscured_observer said:

I HOPE and PRAY that Sony burned their big guns already, XBox can't take it anymore.

Chevalier211d ago

Translation the Observer is idiotic and blind. Lol. Playstation isn't run by a bunch of idiots like at Xbox where they literally have the most studios and the LEAST games produced by 1st party studios.

You do realize Nintendo with half the studios have produced more games than Xbox right?! Lol. Playstation releases regularly like clockwork. The odd delay like say GoW Ragnarok doesn't matter when they release and sell well (GoW Ragnarok 11 million in under 3 months). You can't even name a SINGLE Xbox 1st party game that even came close to selling 10 million since the Xbox One maybe? Lol.

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notachance212d ago (Edited 212d ago )

lol now the fanboys metric of success isn’t even games anymore, it’s ‘showcase’ now

GoW Ragnarok just released last holiday and PSVR2 launch with all its games doesn’t matter now because apparently MS fanboys only care about showcase 🤣

Flawlessmic212d ago

Yep, goal posts constantly moving lol.

First console sales didn't matter, then game sales, now actual games don't matter and it's about show cases 😂

kneon211d ago

Since they don't get actual games on Xbox they have to survive on promises of games at some time in the future that is yet to be determined, unless they get canceled first.

Crows90211d ago

Their favorite exclusive is the waiting game. They've got so much darn practice. They're not too happy that PlayStation is playing their game momentarily.

Phil c