Nintendo confirms it won’t be at E3 2023

Nintendo has released a new statement confirming it will not be at this year's E3 event, saying it "didn't fit into our plans."

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LG_Fox_Brazil99d ago

At this rate, it's easier to say who will participate, because the list of companies skipping the event is pretty big

SullysCigar99d ago

Even the tumbleweeds won't be there.

Tacoboto99d ago

Ubisoft, with the ever-inspiring "if it happens"

Mr_cheese99d ago

Really miss the peak days of E3. The hype building up to it, watching the live events and all the side bits.

As a gamer growing up, it was pure entertainment magic

blackblades99d ago

Yeah, that G4 and spiketv collab aka AoTS and xplay gang with Geoff K. Hosting it like a super bowl news coverage.

Tacoboto99d ago

I remember writing "DO NOT TOUCH COMPUTER" on a piece of printer paper and throwing it onto the crt monitor during my first time following an E3.

School was at the end of the year, no homework, must've spent hours waiting for those 15-30 second Quicktime videos of Halo 2 and Metroid Prime to load up on IGN.

EverydayJoe97d ago

It's was like March Madness for Collage Basketball freaks. So fun.

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Vithar99d ago

E3 is about done. Pandemic showed companies that they could do stuff on their own without paying tons of money to ESA

blackblades98d ago

Except Ubisoft they gonna attend lol the only one so far. Lets be real it kinda suck to most people that liked attending and meet new people and try the games etc. 2023 they should be able to let everyone try the games via a demo on the store. Give us a week to be able to play the demos, no lines to wait in it would be nice.

AmUnRa99d ago

So for console makers the E3 is official dead.....

Obscure_Observer99d ago

"So for console makers the E3 is official dead"

Keywords: THIS YEAR

“We approach our involvement in any event on a case-by-case basis and are always considering various ways to engage with our fans. Since this year’s E3 show didn’t fit into our plans, we have made the decision to not participate. However, we have been and continue to be a strong supporter of the ESA and E3.”

AmUnRa97d ago

So, last year it was not fitting in theyr plans....Be fair to be on E3 is very exspensive, "millios of dollars). So the big 3 have theyr own shows like Nintendo Direct, Sony's Sony's State of Play and MS has the same format. When that is not a sign on the wall i dont know what to tell you.

AmUnRa97d ago

Not during E3, MS, Sony and Nintendo will not be there.

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