Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Needs to Be More Than a Destiny Wannabe

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League co-op gameplay was revealed during yesterday's disappointing PlayStation State of Play, and viewers have found it too similar to Destiny.

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Jin_Sakai105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Went from Batman: Arkham City to this. How disappointing. What happened Rocksteady?

gangsta_red105d ago

So people were expecting another Gotham Knights?

LG_Fox_Brazil105d ago

Everyone is trying to build a giant IP that can bring huge income with microtransactions like Minecraft, Fortnite or CoD. What happened to the good old days of: 'make a good game, get enough cash to cover all that was spent and simply keep a healthy bank account?'

Charlieboy333103d ago

Those good old days are still very much alive with Playstation first party.....and Nintendo as well. Only corporate driven third parties and Microsoft are putting profit before everything else.

Giraiga13104d ago

You would think people would learn after Marvel's avengers.

I guess not...

Lightning77104d ago

The menu where you upgrade your character is damn near ripped out of Avengers upgrade screen if you look closely. This can't be the same Rocksteady from 2015 that made the Arkram games. Either that or they sat back looking at the Avengers and wanted to emulate that. That's probably why they took so long.

WB does know the the game will suffer the same fate as The Avengers?

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