Suicide Squad game may have planted a Red Hood tease in plain sight

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League continues the legacy of the Arkhamverse and DC Comics fans think that Red Hood could appear alongside Batman in the game.

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-Mika-104d ago

Gotham Knights ruined the hype for his character. I hope SS makes him cool again.

CobraKai104d ago

The State of Play diminished the excitement I had for this game. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this looks very generic. I do want to play it still. Just to see how they brought back Batman, if they actually kill the JL, and to see Superman

Psychonaut85103d ago

As of now can pretty confidently say almost no one gives a shit. The hype train has officially derailed, didn’t you hear?

Demetrius103d ago

Lmao I really had a different type of suicide squad imagined in my head cause I knew rocksteady would deliver cause you the Batman series but nah totally the opposite mane I will just buy Zelda tears of the kingdom instead atleast that’s not forced online [email protected]@