The Brainy Gamer : Persona 4 Review

Michael Abbott writes "Persona 4 continues to tighten its grip on me, casting me back to "oh my god, it's 3am!" RPG sessions of yore. ("Yore" being the days when I could function on three hours of sleep). P4 does so many things right that I feel a bit guilty picking at its flaws without properly celebrating its virtues. I'm sure I'll get around to those later; for now I want to focus on what I consider to be P4's achilles heel: pacing.

Pacing is one of those design elements we rarely praise because, unlike graphics or level design, we don't tend to notice when it's handled well. By its very nature, pacing remains invisible to us until we stumble over it, and P4 has me stumbling more than I'd like."

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