Suicide Squad Confirmed to Require Online Connection, Free DLC, 60fps and More Confirmed

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will require an internet connection, even when playing solo. Free DLC and more confirmed.

-Foxtrot93d ago

Annnnnnnnnnd I'm out

What the f*** happened to Rocksteady?

I just don't understand why Warner Brothers would have WB Games Montréal and Rocksteady do similar games gameplay wise. Robins teleport gameplay and Boomerangs being super similar gave it away a while back but 8 years for this? Jesus.

-Foxtrot93d ago


If you can honestly watch that gameplay and tell me it looks amazing then you are lying

Always online, another $70 game, live service, battle pass, focus on co-op but the illusion it will be just as great single player, the gameplay that looks like a polished Fortnite.

Yeah, see you at release when it gets mixed reviews.

It's the Avengers all over again

Sonic188193d ago (Edited 93d ago )

So you're blind then

rayford1593d ago

“See you at release when it gets mixed reviews” that’s so funny

outsider162493d ago

I would have been fine for the micro transaction as you're not forced to buy them. But always online? thanks.

Avengers all over again

Angyobangyo93d ago

I bet that sounded good in your head.

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blackblades93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

I understand but you people been complaining about always online, live service, battle pass, coop for awhile now basically its a automatic failure of a game in y'all eyea. Didn't know coop was trash considering there's other games with coop. Its not for everyone which is obvious but there plenty of people out there that will like this game. I say just wait and see how it goes how it defines itself from the rest out there.

SenorFartCushion93d ago

Co-op is never trash, but it’s a mode; not an excuse to make a game in the first place.

-Foxtrot93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

"but you people been complaining about always online, live service, battle pass, coop for awhile now basically its a automatic failure of a game in y'all eyea"

Jesus Christ...maybe, just maybe it's because 9 time out of 10 they ARE a failure. A lot of live service games are dying OR have not done aswell as the developer hoped, the Avengers, Multiversus, Halo Infinite, Back 4 Blood, Rumbleverse, Anthem, Babylon's Fall, Apex Legends Mobile, Battlefield Mobile, Battlefield 2042

I don't get what you gain defending this shit, these features are mostly cancers in this industry where games are built up for money and overall greed, not quality or fun. We've been shown this over the many years and yet people like yourself still want to play the optimist despite knowing the end result.

It's not negativity it's being a realist.

Nitrowolf293d ago

I mean, people have a good reason to be concerned, it's not like all the recent co-op games that have a big focus on Gaas have been big hits

SurgicalMenace93d ago

Yeah, I'm not seeing how any game always online affects us when the console itself is damn near always online. As far as live service being a cancer, I'd like to offer you: Genshin Impact, Destiny, WoW, FF 11&14, PubG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, GTA Online, etc. They are not all failures, and a company has every right to attempt to get in where success is seen. Perhaps some of that list of failed games would have seen success if everyone would learn to support something different instead of whinning like children. It's not like the genres that have become staples are being sacrificed with the inclusion of new direction.

Lightning7793d ago

I think the biggest issue is being always online.

Both Redfall and now this game are always online for no damn reason. It's like AAA's company's never learn especially after all these live service games shutting down this month.

As for the game. I mean, it's fine it's not doing anything different than what we've seen from other AAA's these days. Open world, customization, looting, random boss fights.

It's literally all the same. Again Redfall is pretty much doing the same thing except in 1st person. In fact Arkane and Rock steady are literally known for their single player experiences. Now it's all live service stuff. I think that's what the issue with the game.

Orchard93d ago

@SurgicalMenace "Yeah, I'm not seeing how any game always online affects us when the console itself is damn near always online."

I'll refer you to the Gran Turismo 7 launch, and DriveClub for why this is a problem.

Also, consoles aren't always online. Once you've installed and updated a game etc, you can play offline, even with a digital license.

SurgicalMenace93d ago

What happened with GT7? I was playing it today, so whatever it was wasn't impactful enough to even be an issue today. Drive Club? That was recently released, right? I said, "DAMN NEAR", not sure if you missed that. If the games are good, I'll play them no matter if they're live service, coop, or otherwise.

Orchard93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

"What happened with GT7?"

The game was down for over a day, including the single player career mode, because the servers went down.

Similarly, once they close those servers, GT7 is basically finished, including the single player modes. DriveClub unfortunately went that way.

"I said, "DAMN NEAR", not sure if you missed that"

Having to go online once a week or month, is very different from having to be permanently online to play a single player game. Plus you're assuming that the game servers/services stay up. At least you know Sony/Microsoft/Valve aren't turning off PSN/XBL/Steam anytime soon.

r2oB92d ago

@ orchard

Noticed you only refered them to Sony games. Keep that same energy when Redfall releases. Wonder if you think it'll be a problem when people can't play the single player aspect of that game when there are the inevitable server issues.

headshotfrosty92d ago

I with you but trying to convince people on here about something that is obviously going to be the way it a waste of breath.

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SenorFartCushion93d ago

Nowadays, a game’s development is only very long if the game is remade time and again.

Cyberpunk 2077 was only in development for around 3 years. That had 9 years in advertising. Think of how different the reveal trailer was to the game we got. The first trailer screams “Witcher but in the future.” They ended up removing third person and wall running entirely because they didn’t have time to animate models.

lelo2play93d ago

Yep... Suicide Squad looks meh.
Getting fed with all the superhero movies/TVshows/games.

SierraGuy93d ago

Agreed give it a rest already make something new/original.

SurgicalMenace93d ago

You guys scream for originality, though you probably only limit yourselves to what's advertised. With the indie and AA market being present, I can't understand how anyone isn't encountering originality.

Godmars29093d ago

For one, not that it probably was in the works beforehand, but the guy now running WB is over focused on profit. To the point product quality is effected.

Sonic188193d ago

I was already out when I heard the co-founders were leaving Rocksteady

leahcim93d ago

have Faith my boy, it´s Rocksteady you know.. ROCKSTEADY!

Sonic188193d ago

Both of the co-founders left Rocksteady

Profchaos93d ago

Agree gameplay looks like a standard looter shooter online co op game reminds me of anthem a lot.

I'll give them credit I found the story intriguing

Hofstaderman93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Always online? Then I’m always out. Not a hypocrite I refuse to buy GT7 and called out Redfall for this. What a bummer.

blackblades93d ago

Y'all really scared of always online, all your doing is playing a game. Your smart phone always connected without thinking about it. Your console always online unless you go threw the trouble of turning both off.

I_am_Batman92d ago

I had very little hype left for this game after yesterday's gameplay. My interest dropped a little bit every time they've had a presentation. It just seems generic compared to the Arkham Games which had a much clearer direction in my opinion.

Suicide Squad looks like another victim of focus testing, resulting in a game that's trying to pleases everybody. "You can play solo or with friends", "You can customize everything to fit your preference", "You can play however you want". I'm getting sick of this noncommittal nonsense in the games industry where they're too afraid to alianate anyone.

For me personally an always online requirement would be a deal breaker for any game, but in this case it's not even a question. Just makes it easier to skip this one entirely. Too bad. I really had high hopes for Rocksteady's future after the Batman Arkham games.

Sonic188192d ago

Redfall is going to be like this too

JL293092d ago

WB made them do what they wanted them to do, Rocksteady said they were done with Batman after Knight.

They didn't want to be the Batman company but that's what happened so the heads left and we have these type of things to look forward to from Rocksteady.

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GoodGuy0993d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Probably because all progress is tied to online. I wish devs would do a separate offline progress though. Honestly the gameplay looks alright, very saints row 4-like which I liked. I'm very interested in the story and evil justice league.

Like with all live services, take caution and wait for reviews. I do miss enjoying co-op looters/shooters, it's just unfortunate many aren't done well.

blackblades93d ago

I did thought about saints row when watching it as well

darthv7293d ago

60fps action has me intrigued. It is meant to be an online co-op experience but using bots shouldnt need to be online if you are just playing with yourself. know what i mean

SenorFartCushion93d ago

Means worse textures and an online focus.
Online-focused games always look worse than single player games. At least they feel emptier.

Arkham Knight was 30 on consoles, it still is 30, and yet, it still feels like it has more detail and depth than the world of Gotham Knights, which was online-focussed and aiming for 60fps. It obviously failed the fps count in the end, yet it was too late to add any detail because work needed to be done to actually force a single-player option into the game mid-development.


Thank you WB. That $70 will now go towards MK12.

Ninver93d ago

Decision made easy. They are destroying their own games. It's actually quite incredible

Redgrave92d ago

This is presuming that MK12 isn't going to be ruined in a similar fashion, what with WB and their infinite wisdom.