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Achievements vs Trophies

by SeeDsTOHR:

"As an RPG enthusiast am I attracted to the leveling up aspect of Trophies? I do like the tiered Trophies with bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. I can tell you that a 10g Achievement has the same felling of a bronze Trophy, and a Platinum Trophy had the same feeling of scoring a complete 1000g. I do not have a comparison for gold or silver because there really is not any as a developers can assign any point value to any Achievement. I know what I am getting when I unlock a Trophy".



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4762d ago Replies(2)
Hot_tea4762d ago

..I like the trophy's, gives games extra legs.
What do achievements look like?

Halochampian4762d ago

down there at the bottom, where it says 19,119.

Achievements are better just because they are in EVERY single 360 game to date, even the burger king games.

Itrguy0014762d ago

well trophies are mandatory now so expect to see trophies in every game that comes out on the PS3

Godmars2904762d ago

Yes, as a grown man, I just love playing Barbie's Dream Challenge for the achievement points that show up on my general manly score.

If they were showing up as trophies, I'd be too shamed...

Graphics Whore4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Implementation doesn't beat execution, Trophies are just better executed.

Visual representation of the difficulty, divided into categories and then progression for your experience stature.

Upon successful completion of a game (100%) you gain a platinum trophy which stands out a lot more than 25 gamer points ... lol.

Microsoft got the ball rolling, but now Sony has turned the ball into a wheel, who knows how much better it could get.

Homicide4762d ago

I like trophies more. Achievements/Gamer Score is just a number that keeps on growing =/ At least with trophies, they make it more interesting by that level up system. The bad thing is that not every game has trophies.

Halochampian4761d ago

if ms does something like that, its called being "unoriginal." Take avatars for example. They took the so called idea from miis and made it better yet sony fanboys bash them for it.

Achievements and trophies are the same, except trophies are for people who actually care enough to look at them.


but that doesnt mean you can go back to every PS3 game and get achievements? No. They needed sooner.

artzm4761d ago


"I like trophies more. Achievements/Gamer Score is just a number that keeps on growing =/ At least with trophies, they make it more interesting by that level up system. The bad thing is that not every game has trophies."

So Gamerscore is dumb because it's a number that just keeps growing but Trophies are cool because they are also a number that just keeps growing?

I agree with most people that MS could use the level thing, by only use games with 1000/1000 Gamerscore to determine the level. Giving something to those people who do "complete" games.

Shepherd 2144761d ago

trophies are not at all better than achievements. Yea, you could go aound beating the kiddie games for 1000g, but if your a freak who really cares about that, you have the ability to compare games with everyone on Xbox Live. So like i said, if you see a guy with 50k gamerscore and your freaking out about whether he got that high score by beating games like Surf's Up and Kung Fu Panda, feel free to look at every game he's played, and deduct all the kiddie games from his score so you'll know how much he's really earned. Dont wanna go through all that trouble huh? well, you should, because you cared enough to complain about it in the first place.

i just like the point system better, i like seeing my score grow because i know i play the hardcore games like Mass Effect, Halo, Left 4 Dead, Gears of War, Fallout, etc. and i know that i, myself, earned all my points and thats all that matters to me. i dont care about other people's scores really.

thereapersson4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

You can compare games on the PS3 as well. Just click on any user name and any games you have will show up next to any games that they have. If you have the same game, you can see which trophies you have that they don't and vice-versa.

The entire game list that they have played will appear, and you can look at any trophies they have earned in those games.

The total "score" appears as a level. You can view your level in comparison to other peoples' levels, and see where you can improve your ranking. What you are talking about is really the same thing.

Shepherd 2144761d ago

i never said you couldnt do it on the PS3 either. You have the ability to view a full list of peoples games on both Xbox Live and PSN, the pont i was trying to make is why should you even care about other peopls games? And even if you do care, you can view all of peoples games and come to your own conclusions. This whole article is pointless.

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THC CELL4762d ago

trophies are better

and some damn hard ones to get out there

NegativeCreepWA4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Yeah, how are they better?

I fail to see any difference other than the name and the number that represents them. I have 20k plus gamer-score and a level 5 trophy score. So I think i've got enough of both to know if there's a difference between the two. The only reason I like getting trophies more now is because I have so few trophies compared to achievement's.

Faztkiller4762d ago

Trophy system is better imo the leveling is addicting i did buy multiplatform games on 360 Because of achievements but now i buy them on the ps3 because i prefer trophies now

but both add replay value to the game

ravinshield4762d ago

trophies are just lame,stupid,weird, and a cheap copy of what achievements are.

Graphics Whore4762d ago

Haha, if you think they're just a copy or a ploy than your being ignorant, pick up a PS3 game and get a trophy.

Fishy Fingers4762d ago

Technically yeah, and personally neither bother me to much, but I prefer the way the PS3 displays them, showing how many of each achievement/trophy level (bronze, silver, gold, plat) you've acquired and the Rank is easier on the eye than an overall score (IMO).

InMyOpinion4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

One thing I like about achievements is that they are included in ALL 360 games from start and you never have to wait for games to get trophy patches as with PS3 games. Would be nice if they were retroactive but unfortunately that's not the case.

Gray24762d ago

Good point, but luckily its january 2009 so that means that all ps3 games coming out will have trophies included in them :)

BlackRaven854762d ago

Nope. It's all the newer games that will have trophies in 2009 and onward, not all of the games that's ever been on the PS3. Sony said it themselves. But more to the point, to me there are the same thing, same concept. Until I find something that makes the other better I stand by my word.

UNCyrus4762d ago

good god... Jenzo said something I didn't disagree with

Graphics Whore4762d ago

"Would be nice if they were retroactive but unfortunately that's not the case."

There's one big huge reason why they're not.

poopsack4762d ago

Thats what he just said...

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