Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League New Gameplay Fires Out, Features Loads of Combat

Rocksteady has revealed The Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League new gameplay featuring combat, the characters and more.

P_Bomb98d ago

Additional playable characters incoming, I assume via Season Pass/Battle Pass?

jeromeface98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

nope, they clearly state cosmetics on pass. It would be a really bad look for marvel to give away characters free with avengers and suicide squad charge for them... think about it

X-2397d ago

Stated in a behind the scenes interview that the season pass is strictly for cosmetics, DLC characters will likely be just that, something separate from the battle pass you'll have to pay for.

-Foxtrot98d ago

I don’t know what to feel…

ABizzel198d ago


All these years of great Batman games, and they produce Suicide Squad: Arkham Knights with Guns edition. The gunplay looks so mediocre, the travel mechanics look okay, but it just screams pass.

I'm hoping it's more of a Guardain's of the Galaxy sleep hit, than an Arkham Knight fail, but I don't see it right now. It's a shame because Rocksteady is probably the best developer at WB, clearly be finding a solution to the sub-30fps lies Arkham Knights stated, and yet they're doing what looks like Mediocre Mid Multiplayer.

I would have much rather they went with something like Constantine as a new trilogy, which could have slowly introduced more Justice League characters, for a JL Game or something.

isarai98d ago

Can we please stop convoluting gear and player progression with like 10 skill trees, crafting everything, and giving you new gear literally ever 30secs. I'd like to play a game instead of spending most of my time in menus

persona4chie98d ago

Yeah that kinda stuff was fun during the mmos of the early 00s, but now not so much.

sparky7798d ago

This has the same vibe as Redfall, looks like a multiplayer focused game but isn't meant to be (according to devs).

porkChop98d ago

At least Redfall looks fun. SS looks a bit shit compared to Rocksteady's other games.

-Foxtrot98d ago

I can't believe the guys who did those games made this.

SoulWarrior98d ago

This just looks meh to me. Very co-op focussed and the gameplay just doesn't look that engaging, looks a bit generic, disappointing after the excellent arkham series games.

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