Gran Turismo 7 PS VR2 Impressions - An Essential Purchase to Show Off the Headset

The power of the PlayStation VR2 headset is finally proven with the addition of support for every race and event in Gran Turismo 7.

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Knushwood Butt28d ago

Yes, it's excellent.

I spent about 15 minutes today just looking at my Porsche 917K in the VR showroom, in that ancient building location. Just superb.

Also found the the VR replay mode where it puts you at the side of the circuit as if you were a spectator. Again, amazing being stood on the track at la Sarthe, have me blast past myself in the same 917, then turning my head over my shoulders to follow it into the distance.

Neonridr28d ago

my headset arrives today, can't wait to try this game out with my T300 RS!

SullysCigar28d ago

I have the same wheel. Pretty pleased with it! It has a huge amount of rotation compared to others I've tried, which makes it perfect for rally games, or - please God - Motorstorm VR!

Neonridr28d ago

@SullysCigar - my headset was just delivered. I put the controllers on the charging station and made sure GT7, RE8 were updated and then redeemed my Horizon code and purchased Pavlov. Can't wait to try this out later today!

darthv7227d ago

when i was at best buy last night, i tried out this logitech g923. it was pretty slick, and at $400... I have to put it on my wish list. unless there are ones similar for much less??

Neonridr27d ago

@darthv72 - the G923 is the newer one that replaces the G29. You might be able to find a deal on a G29 and it be perfectly suitable for you. More expensive wheels might have more features, but honestly, if it's something you are only going to use once in a while, I wouldn't spend too much there. People sometimes think they need the top of the line wheel to be able to enjoy a game and then it ends up collecting dust.

RauLeCreuset27d ago


I assume that includes peddles? Amazon has it for $339.

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MrNinosan28d ago

Wait what?
VR Replay is something I've missed.
I spent over 2 hours in the showroom with some of my cars, then another 2 hours driving, but had no idea bout the VR Replay 😳

Knushwood Butt27d ago

Yes, after ending my time trial session I went to the replay section of the menu (before leaving the circuit) and VR Replay was there. Maybe second or third option in the pop up list.

Abnor_Mal28d ago

Going to set up my wheel today and try this game out on PSVR2.

Dfooster28d ago

It's good but you kind of notice the limitations in the physics engine more in VR with GT7 than you probably do on a TV. I really hope they bring out VR support for assetto corsa competizioni

SullysCigar28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I dunno about that. Some [email protected] spun me out at high speed last night and let me tell you, it wasn't only the road that was left with skid marks!

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