Ori developer Moon says its next game could 'make or break' the studio

The company is aiming to “revolutionize the ARPG genre”…

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VenomUK98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Why would the game break the studio? My understanding was that going mostly-exclusive with Ori meant it was ruminated excellently so it could be secure?

Tacoboto98d ago

You didn't read the article to understand the context in which it was said, then.

VenomUK98d ago

@Tacoboto Yes, that is correct.

Outside_ofthe_Box99d ago

Microsoft should swoop in and save the studio. Of all the purchases MS have made recently this would be the most sensible one.

Si-Fly98d ago

They don’t need saving lol, read the article.

Anomander98d ago

Some studios like to start independent and just do what they want. Yes, they have worked with with MS in the passed but Ori and the Blind Forest made great sense being on the Switch as well.

Sonyslave398d ago

Ms cut ties with them for a reason just google it.

Sonic188198d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I agree I believe Ori is the only *great* game on Xbox and maybe Hi-Fi rush

porkChop98d ago

Xbox doesn't work with Moon anymore. A report came out that Moon has an "oppressive" workplace full of racism, sexism, etc.

Vanfernal98d ago

But they want to buy Blizzard? 🤔

porkChop98d ago

Yeah Blizzard definitely has its own issues, can't deny that.

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Isn’t the studio owned by M$?

Doesn’t their support allow risks to be taken?


Well, why not?

Isn’t special support the whole point of being exclusive to one console?


You spelled “I’m a smug disseminator of misinformation” wrong.

darthv7298d ago

"Why not?"... because MS never owned them.

Crows9098d ago

MS doesn't foster relationships in order to build up studios. That's why.


It says “Xbox Game Studios” at the bottom of their webpage…. Sooooo what’s up with that then?

MIDGETonSTILTS1798d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Shows what you and 4 others smug idiots know…

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darthv7298d ago

"It says “Xbox Game Studios” at the bottom of their webpage…." you mean the ori game page??? that is because XBGS was the publisher. go read the actual link to the moon studios page and you will see they are an independent studio.

Or how about read the wiki page on them:

jwillj2k498d ago

Release it on PlayStation if you want to thrive financially.

ApocalypseShadow98d ago

This is the right answer. Go where gamers buy games.

Chevalier97d ago

They will this game is coming to every platform and I think they said was an ambitious RPG

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