PlayStation VR2 Review - A Superior Headset | eXputer

Huzaifah from eXputer writes, "The PlayStation VR2 is a thoroughly excellent headset with a lot to love and it is better than its predecessor in every single way. But the price point may be a bit too steep for some."

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Thundercat7728d ago

Considering the technology, how good it is and how good the overall product is, the price is very fair.

S2Killinit28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


Its also crazy that everyone keeps saying price without mentioning that we are actually paying less for it than we paid for the original PSVR when you consider that w the original you also needed the PS camera, and two Move controllers, on top of inflation.

PSVR2 technology not available elsewhere for anything close to the price point. Its currently the best headset out there.

PureBlood27d ago

I think the claim it's more expensive than the PSVR1 started from ignorance from people that didn't really know about VR.

Sloppy misinformation from sloppy journalists.

Nothing touches this headset for value. Not much touches it regardless of price, in fact!

S2Killinit28d ago

Well, we wanted a proper VR headset.

SullysCigar28d ago

Hell yeah it is. The best all round headset out there. Change my mind!

1nsomniac27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Collected mine today after DPD failed to deliver it yesterday. Not had a chance to properly play it yet.

It seems to work as Ive set it up but has anyone else received what’s clearly an ex-trade show model?? Shocked to open it up and find it pretty filthy. It was all packaged correctly but it’s got grubby hand prints on it. Especially the locking wheel. It’s covered in hair and glitter as well.

Not too happy that Ive paid day one retail cost for a product that’s clearly been well used already then repackaged as new!

shinoff218327d ago

Id get ahold of customer services and I hope you took pics. It definitely seems odd that wouldve happened. Sucks for sure

1nsomniac26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Took loads of pictures. Checked PlayStationDirect’s website and it just sends me in circles while giving me no option to speak with anyone so I contacted them on twitter directly suggesting I’ll show pictures if they let me know where to send them but I’ve been ignored so far..

I did play it last night and it’s all working completely fine. Just needed a good clean.