What is foveated rendering, and why can it make PSVR 2 streams blurry?

Foveated Rendering is making PSVR 2 streams and videos look a bit blurrier and lower resolution than they feel to players. We dive in to see why.

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mandf28d ago

This site sucks. They spread uniformed crap on gt7 then this. Do research first. Everything they wrote is the opposite of what other sites have said

SullysCigar28d ago

I'm not giving them the click to find out exactly what they said, because I agree with you, they talk crap for clicks, but I took the inference from the title and description to mean it looks way better in the headset than it does on what you see people streaming - and that's true!

It's stunning as you play it and the social screen or streamed content isn't as sharp, because it doesn't benefit from eye-tracked foveated rendering. People need to remember that PS5 is having to generate 2 images, one for each eye, at 4k with HDR at 120fps! And then it has to also output a re-jigged image for the social screen. That's crazy intensive and it stands to reason that they should concentrate on giving the player the very best experience and people watching are less important.

I'm all for that, because so far, my PSVR2 has been insanely sharp and detailed!

Mr_cheese28d ago

Serious question, at what point does a site get banned if they're continually caught out for misinformation?

mandf28d ago

Never this will never give up a chance for ad revenue or visits

sagapo28d ago

It’s not really misinformation tho; when wearing the headset, the foveated rendering makes that the point where you look will be 4K, around that point will have a lower resolution. But the wearer of the headset can’t see this. When you would stream however, someone can actually look where the wearer is not and therefore can see the lower resolution areas, hence the blurry effect.

YoungKingDoran27d ago

No idea, but I feel like they banned that 'hip hop gamer' for less

OtterX28d ago

Actually what they're referring to is just the Streams that people see on Youtube. The pixelated parts outside of a person's peripheral isn't masked when watching a Stream. The person wearing the headset does not see it AT ALL from what I hear. So the clarity of PSVR2 is amazing by all accounts. This article is only saying that the flaw of the underrendered portions is visible to viewers of Streams. That's all.

However, the last part of this article is pure bullcrap, when they start arguing that the games aren't true 4k if using these foveated tricks. This is absolute nonsense, because if you all you can see in a headset is 4k, then the game IS 4k to the player. What is outside of the peripheral view does not matter.

SullysCigar28d ago

Further to my earlier comment, if you're talking about YouTube streams, there's the whole issue of YT compression on top of everything else we've already covered. It's gorgeous in the headset - easily the best clarity I've ever seen.

Neonridr28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

technically they are not wrong. Inside the headset, foveated rendering makes sure that whatever you are looking at is super clear. When you are watching a stream, naturally the video can't do the same, so it can come off as a little less crisp.

this is only an issue for people watching though, so it's really a moot point.

--Onilink--27d ago

Everything they wrote on this article is correct…. Even just reading the headline you can tell they are talking about how on STREAMS and VIDEOS the picture will look blurrier than what the player actually sees, and simply go in depth to explain why.

So I take it that you didn't actually bother to read the article despite saying that “everything they wrote is the opposite of what other sites have said”

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Knushwood Butt28d ago

So far I haven't noticed this foveated rendering at all, so either it's not doing anything, or it's so fast it's not possible for the eye to notice. Probably the latter,

I have more of an issue aligning the headset so the image is in perfect focus, and then keeping it there without the headset getting uncomfortable. So far I'm finding the PSVR2 headset less comfortable than the PSVR1 headset.

Neonridr28d ago

you would have trouble noticing it yourself, because wherever you are looking in the headset it will show as clear.

The sweet spot is a little small, so it can be tough to get it right where you want it. But once it's there, you should be good to go.

Nuclearmoon28d ago

My brother was screen sharing while in gt7 with psvr2, got some nice comparison shots of the UI when he isn't looking at it. He doesn't notice it at all. Certainly a neat trick to boost quality

Vits28d ago

Very good article, that explains the "trick" being used by the headset.

The point of the Foveated Rendering is that it works well paired with eye tracking. So on a stream or any sort of external display, everything that is not directly in the line of sight of the user will get a bit blurred. For the user that is not noticeable, because 1. it's on the peripherical vision and 2. the lens themselves help to mask the effect.

Babadook728d ago

Yeah. They are saying "STREAMS" are looking blurry. But not when you are in VR.