PlayStation Logo Sound Creator Tohru Okada Has Died

Tohru Okada, the creator of the iconic sound that accompanies the PlayStation logo, has passed away at 73.

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Orchard28d ago

Rest in Peace. That sound is forever etched in my brain.

VenomUK28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Orchard said it perfectly.
Rest in peace Tohru Okada.

porkChop28d ago

That sound is tied to some of my best childhood memories. RIP Mr. Okada.

jznrpg28d ago


I Love the PS1 sound . I rented the Japanese PS1 before it came to the states and the fist time hearing it was mesmerizing. The best startup sound ever .

blackblades28d ago

Is it weird that the ps1 logo sound creeped me out like a horror scene she whe I was child.

S2Killinit28d ago

Hehehe you chicken. Na I get it. But the sound brings some of the best memories for me.

darkrider28d ago

Will always be remembered

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The story is too old to be commented.