[Spoilers] Should God of War Ragnarok Have Time-Travel Story DLC?

The idea of time traveling is tempting.

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crazyCoconuts94d ago

** Warning - There are spoilers in the first paragraph before they even warn you - don't read unless you've already played! **

McMahonme794d ago

had him change that, thanks for the heads up

crazyCoconuts94d ago

Thanks. I just finished the game a few days ago so close call for me :-)

-Foxtrot94d ago

I’d rather see something on Kratos and Freya, they’re a good team. I hope she comes back for the next game.

Flawlessmic93d ago

Nah it time for a new ip from Santa Monica, whatever Corey's team is working on is defs a new ip and I can't wait to see it

90d ago