Analyst Says Microsoft/Nintendo CoD Deal Is a Win-Win, Comments on Game Pass and Switch Sales

Wccftech talked to MIDiA Research senior analyst Karol Severin to get his take on the Microsoft/Nintendo Call of Duty deal and other recent news concerning the two platform holders.

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Thundercat7729d ago

Of course is win win... for Microsoft. They take away a sales monster from its main competitor to put it on their subscription model which was made because of their low sales situation.

This is a big win for Microsoft and a big fail for the gaming industry. We will witness the fall of COD as we did with Xbox own franchise Halo.

Lifexline29d ago

Seems like you need some tissues. So more players get to play call of duty on Nintendo and pc owners have more options and it still gets to stay on PlayStation. Yet it’s being taken away the mentality of a little kid amazes me sometimes.


Do you actually think a Nintendo system can run cod?

The3faces29d ago

I couldn't of said it any better! Since when are more options a bad thing?

EvertonFC29d ago

Who'd want to play CoD on a switch?

ThePacemaker29d ago

Excuse me, who would want to play COD on NSW? I reckon the resolution will be sub 720 with 15-20 FPS. COD on Switch is just a disaster.

Lifexline28d ago

At all of you above if people play call of duty mobile what makes you think people won’t play it on the switch?? It’s insanely popular on mobile I’ve tried and it’s actually really fun. Yes the switch can run it as well.

Gamer_Dude28d ago

Yeah, the my plastic is better than your plastic is so childish.

343_Guilty_Spark28d ago


Umm there are mobile versions that would run on Switch, the deal covers future Nintendo consoles, and it’s also possible to stream

FinalFantasyFanatic28d ago

They've shoved other games like Doom and Witcher Wild Hunt on their, even though they had to noticeably downgrade those games to get them to run acceptably.

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Petebloodyonion29d ago

Do you expect Nintendo to keep the Switch forever?
If this deal goes thru you won't see a COD on Nintendo before 2024 at best.

Gamer_Dude28d ago

Fall of Halo? I just played it yesterday.


I was playing yesterday as well. Enjoying the new community maps 👍

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Chevalier28d ago

"I couldn't of said it any better! Since when are more options a bad thing?"

More options of where to play would be pretty fantastic actually. Like I don't know like say Bethesda games maybe? Oh right those aren't available to Nintendo or Playstation games any more.

Thought Microsoft thought 150 million gamers would be a good idea? Then by that logic shouldn't like 270 million Switch/PS4/PS5 gamers also be a big deal? Especially if they're trying to suggest Sony is preventing so many gamers from gaming on Nintendo etc?! Kind hypocritical now right?

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BandarHub29d ago

This is a big win for gamers as they will have the option to choose where they want to play COD.
Whether it's Gamepass, Cloud on mobile, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and PC.
COD will be even more accessible than ever and it doesn't change how you normally play COD.

The most notable on here is COD on the cloud. Without a doubt, the latency and quality will improve over time.
That means 3 Billion mobile gamers will have access to play COD on their phone.
Imagine a fraction of 3 billion subbing to gamepass to play COD on their phone. These are you non-console gamers and when they hear that console version COD is playable on game pass cloud service, they're going to sub straight away.
You can see how big this deal is for gamepass.
Let's say that incrementally over Years MS markets COD for mobile, as well as the cloud service, drastically improves over time.
They will start off slow but this is what it might be
1% of 3 Billion= 30 Million
5% of 3 Billion= 150 Million
10% of 3 Billion= 300 Million
If you add the growing gamepass members you can see that number piling up. Also when it lands on Nintendo console it will be adding those players as well.
After this deal and after they put COD and other Activision games on gamepass you can see that they will be making a killing off gamepass.

Lets range between 60 Million and 300 Million Subscribers in the long Run.
They could be making £7.2 Billion to £36 Billion a year fro Gamepass

With these growing numbers and how much the game pass, you can easily see that the Billions they are paying for Activion/Billzard is worth it.

darkrider28d ago

Lol. You live in another world if believe in any of those numbers. Billions of mobiles..

343_Guilty_Spark28d ago

Why does this bother you so much?

Orchard29d ago

Pretty much. It's only not a win-win if you're Sony. Mostly everyone else is fine with it at this point - and more gamers than ever will have access to COD.

Sonic188128d ago

I agree with you 💯 but like I said months ago COD isn't the same how it use to be so this might be the beginning of a downfall for COD especially since Sony install base will be eliminated 😄

Orchard28d ago

"COD isn't the same how it use to be so this might be the beginning of a downfall"

In what way? None of the data backs that up.

- Best selling game of 2022
- Fastest selling COD game ever
- Passed $1bn revenue in 10 days, $800m in the first 72 hours
- Most played game on PlayStation and Xbox

Everything shows it getting bigger, not smaller.

Sonic188128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm talking about after it's gone from Playstation. I don't see Sony signing a 10 year deal. I'll be interesting to see how COD does without Sony

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It'll be a huge disservice to PS gamers if they have the option to keep COD on PS and decide not to do so.

Realistically, those people will just jump to PC or Xbox/Switch if that happens. COD is a guaranteed buy every year for millions of people - so it won't be that big of a deal for COD sales. If anything, it'll hurt Sony more than COD, Sony makes a LOT of money from COD sales and microtransactions.

It would be kind of ironic if after months of shouting about how Microsoft is removing COD from PS, it is ultimately Sony who removes it from PS.

XiNatsuDragnel29d ago

It's a win-win for Microsoft not for others.

darkrider28d ago

Is it? . If Cod isn't on Sony machines they think the switch will cover that marketshare... Or mobile or cloud... So out of touch. The main target of the switch isnt Cod. Just look at the sales of the mature Bayonetta and then compare it the other hits of Nintendo last year like pokemon! .... It's night and day. Cod will gradually become irrelevant like halo is. Microsoft couldn't even make halo a hit after spending 500 or 600 millions in their flagship title....

VariantAEC28d ago

Call of Duty: Bubble Blitz will sell like hotcakes on Switch with Mario and Funko-Pop Master Chief and Cogs DLC!

Asplundh28d ago

That depends on how well it sells on Nintendo's system, might not be a win for Microsoft.

343_Guilty_Spark28d ago

How is the current business of doing things good for everyone?

darkrider28d ago

You can play the game where you want. Not where Microsoft wants. this Nintendo and Nvidia and cloud its just the strategy that Microsoft lawyers are using to get the deal approved....

343_Guilty_Spark28d ago

Not available on Shield, Amazon Luna, Smart TVs, or Nintendo consoles.

Microsoft wants the game everywhere.

Chevalier28d ago

"Microsoft wants the game everywhere"

No that's definitely a lie. If they wanted their games everywhere then explain why Bethesda's games are no longer going to be gracing Nintendo and Playstation systems?!

Kind of funny MS suggest this deal if it doesn't go through affects 150 million gamers yet they're perfectly fine ignoring 270 million games between the PS4/PS5/Switch.

CPTN MITCHELL29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

Ms is an embarrassment, they can't compete by making there own games, they been on 3rd place for the last 20+ years and even fronting about teraflops can't get them out of 3rd place and here they're trying to buy cod because they can't compete with playstation. Xbox sucks always has always will

autobotdan28d ago

The GameCube was in 3rd place while the original xbox stayed in 2nd place. Okay the Xbox 360 and Xbox One were both in 3rd place but...what Place was the Nintendo Wiiu in? That's the question! If the last two Xbox consoles were in 3rd place than what place was the WIIU in??? Answer that

Sonyslave328d ago

you do realize sony brought Naughty Dog and Insomaic and Gurellia Games and Sucker Punch in fact just google sony acquisition and you see something you probably wouldnt like. The only studio sony built from the ground up is Santa Monica and PD studio everything else they brought.

DarkZane28d ago

@Sonyslave3 All those studios made 95% of their games exclusively on Playstation already. Nothing was taken from the competitor. Yet you're a Xbox fanboy, you can't see clearly, you think that is the same as Microsoft buying an entire publisher which main fanbase is Sony (it's where they make the most money by far).

All those developers you named made like 1-2 games at most that were on other consoles out of 10-20 games each. I dare you to name them without looking them up, I bet you can't, I know I can't except for Insomniac. They made Sunset Overdrive, which flopped badly and Fuse, which was a multiplatform game. It flopped so hard that I don't think anyone can remember what it was.

Chevalier28d ago

Cool remind us which Guerrilla, Suckerpunch, Naughty Dog games did Xbox gamers miss out on? Cause last I checked they weren't making anything for Xbox. Whereas Hellblade 2? Outerworlds 2? For example won't be on Nintendo or Playstation systems will they?

Plus if Microsoft/Xbox like they claim are so worried for the 150 million games they claim will miss out then why are they blocking 270 million gamers on PS4/PS5/Switch that won't be playing Bethesda games any more?!

onisama28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

sony lived on 3rd party exclusivity since PS1 and bought many studios and 3rd party exclusives along the way to get to the dont want to admit it but sony bought their way up but i still admit they know how to menage their studios which as an xbox player think is xbox division need to learn need to adapt to gaming market ignoring MS policies of creating a MS owned engine to build games...making a team that audi quality around studios and keep them focused, get studios into needs to improve to get the best out of there studios...i do beleive that phil was perfect in reviving xbox but i think his not the best for the next xbox division need an aggressive CeO thats compititive and can control those studios with an iron hand

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