PS VR2: Sony's next attempt to make virtual reality gaming mainstream

BBC writes: PlayStation has released its updated virtual reality headset for the PS5.Is virtual reality the future of gaming? It's a question that people in the industry have been arguing over for some time, with passionate views on both sides. And there's nothing like a shiny new piece of kit to rekindle the debate.

XiNatsuDragnel97d ago

PSVR2 might go mainstream soon imo.

VenomUK96d ago

I've got my delivery next to me now, I'm just drinking a cup of tea and then I'm going to open it!

But I don't think VR will go mainstream... yet. My hope is that more people will try this and see how good VR can be, and that Sony and other publishers start releasing their flat first-person games with VR modes just like No Man's Sky. Then it will start to become more established. Games like GTAVI launching with a VR mode would definitely help. Then maybe gen 3 - the PS VR3 generation VR could explode in popularity. Time will tell!

jznrpg96d ago

I do think VR will go mainstream someday .
It doesn’t need to be mainstream yet , just slowly keep growing and offering great some games and it will grow .
This is a big step forward at the best price you can get this high level experience. Just need more games and I do believe Sony has some great stuff headed our way next few years

Rancegamerx96d ago

Even video games took 20+ years before they became mainstream, but I do think VR will be mainstream someday.

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KeyAppearance95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

not at $600 for VR2 + $500 for PS5 lol... not happening

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Thundercat7797d ago

PSVR 2 is going to push VR on Playstation like never before.

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TheGreatGazoo3096d ago

VR will likely never be mainstream and PSVR2 certainly isn't going to push it there. The price point is waaaay too high to become mainstream when you factor in you also need a PS5. Most people can't justify that $ for a platform that won't have a ton of games. Wearing a headset while gaming is a barrier that will keep VR from ever becoming truly mainstream even if it becomes more popular. It's powerful and impressive hardware, but it'll remain what psvr was, a niche product that some people own and like to show their friends but the lack of games, cost, and need to wear the headset will prevent it from becoming mainstream.

SurgicalMenace96d ago

Way too high for who? People need to stop assuming that everyone has the same limiting factors applied to their income that they might. There are MANY wealthy people gaming just as much as blue-collar workers. I am so tired of only those who don't want to afford anything being the ones making all the claims. Complaining, nagging, or otherwise is the language of those frequently losing, but those who are winning often purchase silently. There is nothing else to discuss.

niiopi96d ago

Completely agree - unfortunately it is the human condition to think that EVERYONE ELSE thinks and behaves the way said individual does, which is a maddening thought process and the root of so many of our problems, and not just in gaming.. but I digress.

TheGreatGazoo3096d ago

Yes, plenty of gamers have lots of disposable income. To be mainstream you need more than them.

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slayernz95d ago

im in NZ and psvr2 horizon bundle cost $1100.....the wife had a fit when i told her i wanted it after i paid the $300 deposit i just stuck $150 away a month for 6 months. everyone knew well in advance the cost and sticking a little bit away here and there is not hard. no excuse really! absolutely loving it as well, money well spent

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darkrider96d ago

Psvr2 will help going on that path. It's inevitable. The evolution of gaming is towards total immersion in the game. It's being on the game. We aren't there yet, but the tech keeps evolving.

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