Before You Dive-in to Playstation VR 2 Gaming - How to Prevent Motion Sickness

CG writes: SONY releases its Playstation VR 2 headset today (Feb 22nd 2023), but there is a caveat which can’t be stated enough. Whilst many gamers will be able to dive-in to PSVR 2 gaming with relative ease, some might start feeling a little queasy and ultimately fall foul of VR motion sickness.

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shinoff218328d ago

Great advice. I used a method or two for the first psvr. Fun times

darthv7227d ago

My enjoyment of the first vr was hampered by my stupid face heating up and fogging the lenses. Otherwise the only instance i had with motion sickness was in wipeout and for good reason. That game is so all over the place (even not in VR) that it is not for the faint of stomachs.

This new one has me excited as it has a fan inside to help alleviate the heat buildup so my face should sweat and fog up the lenses. Sadly Sony hasnt shipped mine yet but I will get it soon enough.

shinoff218327d ago

Jeez I forgot all about the fog and stuff.

S2Killinit28d ago

Ginger, or sucking on sweets, hmm interesting.

aaronaton28d ago

With GT7, i would recommend driving a Mazda MX-5 1st for 2 reasons. Its a convertible so the motion is easy to handle + its quite slow. Then gradually move onto faster cars, eventually your brain just gets used to it.

franwex27d ago

Thank you. That is great advice.

slayernz28d ago

been playing re:village, puzzle trial and horizon and no problems for me...first time VR user as well. havent had a massive session yet, only an hour at a time....damn kids keep pestering me to have a go haha

jznrpg27d ago

As someone who has had issues with motion sickness my entire life VR has actually made it better for everything else as I’ve played a lot of games on the first headset.

It took some time and my play sessions weren’t more than hour at first just because I was busy but I noticed over time that car rides and boat rides etc weren’t as bad after owning it a couple years .
Just ease into it and it will get better over time .

darthv7227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Yeah... I did the mistake of trying to play wipeout right away with the first VR. That didnt go over to well. Other games I could play but in short sessions as the heat from the display coupled with my own sweat glands would cause the lenses to fog up. I have since been able to use a fan (as some have suggested) to cool me down so i could play for longer.

Still cant do wipeout in vr so i play it old school.

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