Microsoft president says no one knows what console gaming will be like in 10 years

Not even Microsoft can say whether its potential 10-year Call of Duty deals will be renewed.

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Orchard95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Well, they're right. Who knows how gaming will be in 10 years, heck even 10 years for these contracts is a really long time for a gaming contract.

They've gone above and beyond the call of duty (pun 100% intended) with these contracts, and they are more than fair.

Now that everyone else has signed up, it just looks petty and pathetic on Sony's part if they don't come to the table.

-Foxtrot95d ago

Microsoft has made themselves look more pathetic in all this. If Sony didn't have a point at the start MS could have easily put together a well thought out counter to shut them up but what did they do right off the bat? They belittled and undermined their games, console and themselves as a company so we'd feel sorry for them.

Orchard95d ago

Sony did the exact same thing. Sony discredited all of their amazing first party games by saying basically they're nothing compared to COD, and their very talented studios couldn't create a similar shooter game.

They're both trying to appear weak in the eyes of regulators.

But now, as a PS gamer, I feel that Sony should come to the table and sign a deal, they need COD and I can't imagine not being able to get COD on my PS. They owe it to their customers to sign the deal.

Outside_ofthe_Box95d ago

"I can't imagine not being able to get COD on my PS"

How about the other Activision games?

Christopher95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Orchard, Sony was honest. They are not belittling their games, they're recognizing CoD for what it is, which is a juggernaut.

If only Microsoft could say the same thing rather than try and act like one game that is almost 10% of Sony annual revenue is nothing compared to every first party title that might equal up in entirety to that one game but likely don't but still sell better than the competition.

IRetrouk94d ago

They didn't say they couldn't create a shooter, they said not many companies, including themselves can afford to do what acti does with cod, if you read the reports right, you might actually understand what's being said

jukins94d ago

How did sony do the exact same thing? They are being honest. Who is going to be affected more than sony? 10 year deal but you can get it "free" on gamepass. the number 1 selling game every year for what 10 years?

IF worst case happens, which is what these trails are for, and microsoft acquires throws on gamepass ntm the rest of the entire activison library it could potentially shift the market. Its a very possible situation especially when you consider they bought bethesda and 30+ studios in past 7 years.

Sony never said they would be nothing they understand that cod is such a big game that if they had to choose between gamepass cod or ps5 and sony exclusives good chance theyd pick ganepass cod which means less hardware, accesories, software etc revenue for sony.

MrNinosan94d ago

You still aren't a Playstation gamer, just because you have a Playstation.

Old McGroin94d ago


"They belittled and undermined their games, console and themselves as a company so we'd feel sorry for them."

If you genuinely think that's why they did that, at a period where arguments were being made against their Activision acquisition that they would hold too much domination over the market, then you probably shouldn't comment on the subject any further. That's like something a 10 year old would say. Embarrassing.

-Foxtrot94d ago

@ Old McGroin

Ooo touched a nerve a guess….

FinalFantasyFanatic93d ago

Let's just be real, there is no way he owns a PS console, this is just lip service, I personally don't believe he owns anything other than Xbox consoles. Otherwise he too would see this deal for what it is and would disapprove of it.

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Outside_ofthe_Box95d ago

They've gone beyond the call of duty on all of these deals because Sony opposed it. How petty and pathetic of Sony to force MS into making deals that you applaud and cheer for.

Orchard95d ago

Sony forced nothing, the regulators did.

The deals show the system works - the regulators did their job, and we consumers are getting a better deal post-acquisition than we had pre-acquisition.

Outside_ofthe_Box95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

If Sony didn't oppose it, it would have gone smoothly. There's a reason why Phil was crying that Sony was trying to make themselves bigger by making MS smaller and whining how there's no such thing as a forever contract and how if it's about competition then let's have competition. Sony opposing it was a headache and they announced Nintendo and Steam agreements shortly after.

And no the deal is not better post-acquisition. Activision has other games besides CoD and those games have no deals attached and will be stripped away from other platforms. You already know this but only want the deal to go through because it favors Microsoft.

Christopher94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

***Sony forced nothing, the regulators did.***

I think you're being disingenuous on that claim there. The regulators obviously relied a ton on Sony's knowledge and feedback to come to their current conclusions and to create their current issues list with the purchase.

By your logic, Microsoft did nothing to represent Sony's industry power with their current first-party showings in comparison to Microsoft. Both parties put forward documentation and support for their claims against each other. That's just how it is. And that data is what forces the discussion being had now.

shinoff218394d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Thats the thing , in reality even before ms attempt to monopolize gaming they were still the bigger company. They have more money and studios microsofts own worst enemy is themselves. How do you coninually fail when you have so much more. Question, why werent these studios putting out more, where are the games?

Orchy its nice to see you admit sony has great exclusives, personally I doubt your a ps gamer and probably just took that pick at a friends house or something.

Most people clamoring for this are really just doing so cause they want everything handed to them on gamepass.

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RaiderNation94d ago

Who knows how this will turn out. All I know is that I cannot think of a single example where consolidation actually benefitted the consumer. Not one. It didn't benefit us when the oil companies consolidated. It didn't benefit us when the cable services consolidated. It hasn't benefitted us with the cell phone companies consolidating. And if I were a betting man, I'd say all this consolidation in the gaming industry isn't going to benefit us either.

FinalFantasyFanatic93d ago

I'm completely with you, I have never ever seen anything that was consolidated work out better for the consumer, in fact, it's bitten them harder in the ass than ever.

rlow194d ago

Hey look, the 32 that downvoted you so far, disagree that MS can’t know the future. Imagine that.

MrNinosan94d ago

It's Orchard who gets the downvotes, not the comment itself.

Sonic188194d ago (Edited 94d ago )


I'm surprised you can't see what Microsoft is doing 🤔 BTW in 10 years from now Obscure_Observer will be almost 50 years old still complaining about this deal 🤣

shinoff218394d ago

Damn Ill be in the same boat as obscure

rlow194d ago

@ Christopher

Sony being honest? I’m sure there are some truths as well a lot embellishments and half truths. Nobody knows the deal Sony has with Activision on Call of Duty. But they must make a ton load of money off of it. Because it seems that is the only game and sole reason they have opposed the buyout. Sure you can point to some other things they have said in opposition. But if you listen or read the reports from the CMA, it’s basically a Sony bullet point and it’s mostly about Call o Duty. The reports from both companies haven’t been fully truthful and have painted a picture that favors their position. Sony hasn’t produced any documents that have shown anything that can prove what they are saying. Even going so far as saying they wouldn’t release documents even though they have to. Any corporation as big as these two that make themselves the victim is hiding some shady info.

shinoff218394d ago

Ms had the same deal during 360 era rlow1

Outside_ofthe_Box94d ago

Sony sees what Microsoft is trying to do. CoD is the talking point because it's huge. Ultimately Sony sees that Microsoft is trying to buy up the industry. Did Sony oppose the Zanimax acquisition? Microsoft is going to buy another publisher after Activision. Sony knows this and is trying to prevent it and is clinging on to CoD's huge impact as the main reason to prevent it. If this deal goes through other publishers will be bought out completing the quest for a monopoly.

porkChop94d ago


No. MS had 30 day exclusivity on new maps. Sony has exclusivity on entire game modes for 12 months, in addition to other exclusive content. Neither deal was good for gamers but don't pretend that they're the same.

Extermin8or3_94d ago

Actually we do know the deal. They get marketing rights/ exclusive content in return for letting activision have 70/80/90% of the takings fro COD sales.

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Crows9094d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Nope. Sony said CoD is incredibly important and not likely to be countered by any of their games in the financial said.

They never made claims that their 1st party suck and that cod isn't important so on and so forth. Microsoft on the other hand insulted their own 1st party and insulted their fanbase.

You were in support of the deal day 1 for obvious fan reasons but now suddenly regulators did their job and it's a better deal? Lol

Godmars29094d ago

Only MS is in the process of making consoles irrelevant via streaming. Making console level games available on everything from TVs to phones.

Whether their efforts come to anything when others failed before is going to be as much about what they have to offer as ability to deliver.

And the thing about that is so far their track record has been more effecting like with online and subscriptions, exclusives brought and bought exclusive to the Xbox brand, than affecting, as in making games and sustaining franchises. Doing more with hardware than bragging about specs while defending/patching 3rd party titles performing better on "weaker" systems.

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Nacho_Z94d ago

If there's one thing for sure it's that whatever Orchard is stating as fact will turn out to be wrong. Poor guy's got a horrible track record.

fr0sty94d ago

Nobody knows what anything will be like in 10 years... kinda an obvious statement that doesn't mean much.

That said, based on current trends, we'll see more "games as a service", and the death of platform exclusivity. You'll still have individual platforms, and those platforms will likely have controllers and headsets and such that have custom capabilities when playing games designed for that platform, but you'll still get those games on other platforms as well. Case in point, you get Returnal now on PC, but it lacks the haptic feedback, 3D audio, etc. of the PS5 version. We'll still see this in the future, but games won't be made specifically for one console or another... there will just be some consoles that those games will be better experienced on.

Even with Nintendo, I see the same... Nintendo is signing deals to have MS games on their devices for a decade, within a decade, I see them signing similar deals with the others.

No matter how much we want to fanboy out, all they care about is money in the end, and if it proves to be more profitable to be essentially a third party game developer/rental service that is on multiple platforms, that is the direction the industry will go. MS has been trying to go this way for years, and it won't be long before the others follow.

You're naive if you think that MS spent all those billions just to get Xbox exclusive games. They WANT those games on every system, even Halo, etc... They just want you to have to pay them for access to those games. Within 2 console generations, mark my words, Sony, MS, and Nintendo will be akin to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu... all have their own exclusive content they produce, none are platform exclusive. They let you install them on any device that can run them.

ActualEngineer93d ago

Sony just wants to cause trouble to Microsoft as they are in fear of their whole stock plummeting. When the buy out was announced BILLIONS were wiped off Sony's worth. They are just trying to cause XBOX trouble right now to save their stock's value, but they can't obviously state that, so they base their whole motive on COD.

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HeliosHex95d ago

Hopefully holographic or some combination of cerebral vr and mind jack.

jznrpg94d ago

That’s probably further out . I hope to see it my lifetime though

Eidolon94d ago

Lol. Or a Holodeck like in Star Trek. 10 years, scientists, get on it.

HeliosHex94d ago

@eidolon. Lol dude just imagine playing dark souls 100 on the holodeck.

Eidolon94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

I suck with the controller, imagine basically IRL. oof
Something like Alien Isolation, would be scary AF.

fr0sty93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

we already have holographic displays... though hologram isn't the right word to use, as those are technically 2D in nature and rely on optical illusions to imply depth... You cannot look at a hologram from the side, for instance. I'm not talking about displays that show a flat image that appears to exist in 3d space, but actual 3D images where you can walk around the object and look at it from different angles. These are called Volumetric Displays, instead of Holograms. True 3D displays that take up 3D space.

They do this by spinning LED pixels around REAL fast inside of a space, kinda similar to those hologram LED fans, but instead of showing a flat 2D image that happens to be transparent, so it looks 3D, the image actually is fully 3D. It even changes the way you have to film or animate content for it, because you no longer have just pixels, but voxels... they take up 3D space, no longer just a flat grid of pixels. So renders have to be done in layers, like a cross section MRI or something, and traditional cameras do not work.

Check it out, look up the VX1 Volumetric display.

Knushwood Butt95d ago

Ah, that's why this person gets paid the big bucks.

XiNatsuDragnel95d ago

Honestly Microsoft you guys should make more concessions at this point imo.

DeusFever94d ago

Spin off Call of Duty studios into a separate publisher or sell them to another publisher. Microsoft can keep Overwatch.

343_Guilty_Spark94d ago


That's not an option. Concessions are a 10 year deal and pay the same as everyone else.

XiNatsuDragnel94d ago

Sell of Activision or Blizzard or King themselves.

1Victor94d ago

343 such as?

We all know the clear game plan “by 10 years everyone will have forgotten and we can make it exclusive to Xbox and pc “
Only a moldybrain can’t see the 💩 writing on the wall.
Executives are supposed to be able to formulate long term plans be it 1 year 5 or 10 years ahead just look what marvel have created on their 10 years plan.

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Thundercat7794d ago

Nintendo doesn't care. They rely on the casual and family segment of the market. COD main market and sales are on Playstation and that's what MS is after... sabotaging Playstation with the deal.

MS don't even care if COD stay relevant after the deal or if it ends up just like Halo. For then, it is just about taking away from others as they know COD on Playstation is a beast.

Xbox is a cancer on the gaming industry and I hope that at least the European Fommision has the balls to stop them.

darkrider94d ago

It will go through because of the money Microsoft have. I will say this again, microsoft will get this approved no matter who or how much they will have to pay.... They keep destroying gaming. Their only news this Gen are buying publishers.... Their worst generation ever....

343_Guilty_Spark94d ago

It will go through because Sony has no proof of anti-competitiveness and cannot clearly articulate how it will negatively impact consumers.

Sonic188194d ago


Sure it will go through 😏

Crows9094d ago (Edited 94d ago )

@guitly spark

No. Sony has proof. If you look at the numbers of how many play CoD it stands to reason that number will move towards a platform with CoD and essentially moving all those users out of the PlayStation ecosystem. Thats anti competitive because CoD is huge.

It's bad for consumers because all those 30million + gamers will be forced to spend more money to play cod on other platforms in the future. Anti consumer. They are "forced" to spend more or spend in another direction.

And btw. I'll save you the trouble of using your brain. In the future when or if cod becomes exclusive...don't twist the events of what's happening now. CoD is still a crappy game and always will remain so. Sometimes their campaigns are better and other times worse but generally mediocre. That doesn't change the fact that it sells well. So don't go claiming Sony fans only think cod sucks because it's exclusive down the line.

Petebloodyonion94d ago

Funny I remember hearing the same thing when Overwatch was announced for the Switch way back
Nobody would pick a 30 fps game, etc, etc, etc
Yet it turns out that a lot of PPL did buy Overwatch on Switch and they even made the sequel.

darkrider94d ago

A lot of people... Is it in any top chart of Nintendo? Nope. And by the way the only similarity between those games are that both are fps....