Forza Motorsport 2 hits Europe this May - New Screens

Microsoft Game Studios announced today that “Forza Motorsport 2” is set to hit European retail stores in May. Read on for the full press release.

Forza Motorsport 2 - On The Grid And Ready To Fuel Driving Fantasies
The sequel to the critically acclaimed “Forza Motorsport” hits Europe this May

Microsoft Game Studios today announced that “Forza Motorsport 2” is set to hit European retail stores in May. With more than 300 car models from upwards of 50 of the world’s leading manufacturers, “Forza Motorsport 2” allows automotive enthusiasts to collect the cars they want and customize them to reflect their racing passion. Own the cars that own the competition.

This is our first wave of car reveals. In this wave, we give you Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche and Lamborghini. No other simulator offers you so many cars from these amazing brands. And of course, all of these models can be fully customisable and are sure to leave tire tracks on your Xbox 360! Highlights include:

· Ciao Bella! Ferrari brings gamers 15 of their most desirable models including the 2004 Ferrari F430, 2002 Enzo Ferrari and even the classic 1969 Dino 246 GT

· From the country that has preserved the thrill of driving in the fast lane with its world famous Autobahn, Porsche delivers 13 sports cars ranging from the newest members of the 911 family -- the 2007 911 GT3 (997) and 911 Turbo (997) -- to fan-favourites from yesteryear including the 1970 Porsche 914/6 and 1987 Porsche 959

· Five heart-stopping models from Lamborghini include coveted makes such as the 2005 Murcielago, 2005 Gallardo as well as classic Diablo and Countach models

· Not to be outdone is Lamborghini’s Italian counterpart, Maserati, who joins “Forza Motorsport 2” with two of its revered exotics – the 2004 MC12 and the 2006 Gransport

As “Forza Motorsport 2” races toward its retail debut, we plan to reveal additional models from our roster of more than 300 cars worldwide, including top European manufacturers like Audi, BMW, Lotus, Peugeot and Jaguar in the coming weeks. Until then, please visit for a full list of car models from the auto manufacturers we’ve announced today as well as download new screenshots.

In addition, we wanted to share with you some details on an important new feature that’s being added to the sequel of the critically acclaimed “Forza Motorsport” -- Force Feedback Wheel support. Microsoft Games Studios and their partners have been hard at work optimizing “Forza Motorsport 2” for the Wireless Racing Wheel with true force feedback, as well as maximizing rumble in the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller to help gamers literally feel the road beneath them as their fully-tuned racer shoots for the apex at triple-digit speeds.

In the article below, Turn 10 Game Director, Dan Greenawalt, takes fans through a detailed tour of “Forza Motorsport 2’s” all-new Force Feedback system, shedding light on how the team is utilizing this technology to to deliver the most realistic racing experience to your living room. In today’s next-gen racing simulation, Greenawalt states the case for why any game that doesn’t go beyond traditional visual and audio cues for an immersive experience simply doesn’t measure up.

Forza Motorsport 2: The Complete Racing Simulation

By Dan Greenawalt

When we set off to create Forza Motorsport 2 on the Xbox 360, we knew we had to up the ante on realism for console racing simulators. To that end, a big part of our next-gen racing experience lies in the use of controller rumble and wheel force feedback to completely immerse the player. Racing in the real world is a multi-sensory experience with drivers relying on a well-integrated stream of visual, auditory, vestibular, and haptic information -- everything from the sound of the wind and tires to the pressure of the brake pedal and engine vibration travelling up through the steering column – to let them know how their car is performing. For the last couple weeks here at Turn 10, we’ve been fine-tuning the force feedback implementation in Forza Motorsport 2 using the Microsoft Wireless Force Feedback Wheel. In the process, I’ve written a whitepaper on why force feedback is so important to the overall racing simulation package. Below are a few abstracts from the article…

Visual and audio cues are simply not enough to convey reality. Forza Motorsport 2 uses haptic interfaces to reproduce a realistic sensation of driving. Whether you play our game with a rumble-enabled controller or a full racing cockpit with force feedback wheel setup, Forza Motorsport 2 gives you tactile cues to improve your game

Force feedback is the primary language between car, road, and driver. Force feedback is an extremely useful haptic interface. It provides real-time info on several key aspects of Forza Motorsport 2’s physics model. Obviously, force feedback simulates the steering wheel torque created by having the front tires on different terrain types, such as asphalt, rumble strips, or grass. It also simulates load balance between tires as well as slippage

Without simulating “aligning torque,” your force feedback is useless. When driving a car in real-life, aligning torque is what your hands “feel” in the steering wheel. Aligning torque wants to point the steering wheel in the direction of travel. Aligning torque auto-corrects the steering wheel when you are over-steering or drifting. Aligning torque helps you find peak friction when you are understeering. Basically, aligning torque is the primary language that your front tires use to talk to you

Your hardware is only as good as your software. Most of what you feel, as you play a racing game with wheel-in-hand, comes down to game design and software. When force feedback is poorly implemented in a game, even the best force feedback wheel is often a less effective controller than a rubber-band wheel with a good deadzone

Check out for a more in-depth report from Dan on force feedback.

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Shadow Flare4888d ago

I'd actually like to see how this game turns out, if it will live up to expectations. What you find might happen is Forza 2 gets released in May, but Polyphony Digital surprises people with Gran Turismo 5: Prologue at the same time

TheMART4888d ago

It won't. I bet by cancelling GT4 HD they put all their resources into GT5 but I don't think it's coming untill Christmas 2007, if not pushed in 2008.

And don't be fooled. Indeed like someone says. No rumble in a racing game is so freakin' dull, no sixaxis that can make that up

Shadow Flare4888d ago (Edited 4888d ago )

I said GT5: Prologue, not GT5 itself. And how would you know they won't release the prologue around then? Other then basing it on the fact that you don't want it to. And the lack of rumble used to bother me, but after i played the ps3 at some convention, i would chose motion over rumble anyday. Lair was fantastic with motion controlling and i didn't even think about rumble when i played motorstorm. I've played burnout 3 enough times to realise that rumble becomes something unnoticeble the longer you play. Speaking of dull, everything i've seen so far of Forza 2 looks dull. When you compare it to GTHD, you know that GT5 is gonna pip Forza 2 in mostly everything, and here's hoping GT5 has damage. They should have considering how they've forgot GTHD and focused on GT5.

Forget the first bit of this video because thats pre-rendered but the rest of this video totally outshines Forza 2 in the state it is now

shotty4888d ago

Grand Turismo is for playstation 3 so how would that even affect Forza 2 which is for the xbox 360. Oh and the screen shots look beautful by the way, can't wait to see it in motion at home. Come on Demo.

JPomper4888d ago

"Speaking of dull, everything i've seen so far of Forza 2 looks dull. When you compare it to GTHD, you know that GT5 is gonna pip Forza 2 in mostly everything"

Hahahaha, keep dreaming, man. You'll still be bouncing around walls and dodging a train of pre-set AI cars in GT5.

Forza is where it's at.

RelloC4888d ago

"i would chose motion over rumble anyday."

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MoonDust4888d ago

Who cares about screenshots?

NextGen24Gamer4888d ago

Forza on the xbox set a new bar for racing sims...and I'm really looking foward to where they take it with this next one. I know it will be Great with the Wireless True Force Feedback steering wheel. Online will be a blast.

To the Sony Only Fan who decided to comment first on this thread....GT for the ps3 has absolutely nothing to do with this game and how it will do. It will sell incredibly with or without the release of Sonys GT game. Forza 2 is guarenteed to sell over 1 million games when released. That makes it a complete success and gives it platinum status. And guarentee's a part 3. So why bring up GT for Sony's system? What does it have to do with Forza 2. This is Microsofts baby...It will be top notch guarenteed. And us 360 owners want a top notch racing sim. If GT for the ps3 had force feedback or rumble...I would be personally interested in giving it a try. But without rumble, it literally feels like you are floating around the track. Racing sims is a combination of Graphics, Tracks/cars, Gameplay, and for me personally...."the feel"...the "force Feedback"....that ads an unbelievable amount of immersion to the experience of driving.

DC RID3R4888d ago


prologues went out with the ROMANS FFS!!

NO rumble = sh*t racing games PERIOD

Forza 2 will be a GIANT 07 on LIVE


THAMMER14888d ago

What is up with that? I though it was all good but it aint huh. Well get the black mask and B!T(# nuca BEATa 4feva Cause it is ON!!

Gamer134888d ago

I now it will even look better than PGR3 and pgr3 was amazing, so imaging when forza 2 its shelves on may every 360 owners will be going crazy for it, and it will be out of stock on its first day.

But i realy want to see an ingame footage - ive seen a bit over at gametrailers, but i want to see how the game look at this point 2 to 3 month before release.

IM OUT...///"""

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