Microsoft Signals It's Unlikely To Divest Call of Duty To Help Activision Blizzard Deal Pull Through

Dropping Call of Duty was proposed by UK's regulatory body as a possible way for the acquisition to go through--but it looks Microsoft is not interested in the option.

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Orchard107d ago

Well obviously. Why have half the cake when you can have it all?

Cikatriz_ESP107d ago

Because you could also have the cake taken away from you.

Brazz107d ago

Cause you can lose the entire cake and $2.5bi !?

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Gamer_Dude107d ago

Can you imagine the comments here if Sony was the one trying to buy Activison/Blizzard.

oIMyersIo107d ago

Right? 😂
The double standard is hilarious.

107d ago
Orchard107d ago

Lol, exactly. It would suddenly be great for the industry and gamers.

SoulWarrior107d ago

Thought this deal wasn't about CoD?

tay8701106d ago

Lol yah I know. MS are liars. Candy crush my ass. Pretty easy see through their BS, if you ask me.

Jin_Sakai107d ago

“Xbox's Phil Spencer: We need Candy Crush,
not Call of Duty“

“Bloomberg: Microsoft refuses to sell Call of Duty for the AB purchase to be approved”

Microsoft lying just to get the deal approved. Make up your mind Phil.

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blackblades107d ago

Because CoD is what they are after and every thing else is extra.

ApocalypseShadow107d ago

This is the undeniable answer.

First it was to try and counter Sony for the control of the living room. Then, charged for online. Tried to get a headset start on Sony and knowingly sold broken systems and sent out brown boxes instead of a recall. Then tried DRM 2013 to take away used games. Tried to force a camera for advertising. Now is pushing subscriptions fees with digital games that are always online.

Whatever anti consumer strategy they think up, they always top themselves with something worse. This time, trying to control top franchises like cod by buying up publishers and taking away games to strong arm Sony who sold more of these top franchises from third parties.

Yet, they are supposedly, "prosumer." How unheard of is this that a competitor is in a position to make money off of you or take the products away from you? It would be unheard of for Sony to make money off of Nintendo or Nintendo off of Sony... But Microsoft... Dat Microsoft. Rising to new levels of predator.

EvertonFC107d ago

Xbox gamers are next level dumb imo, they just don`t see it. MS have done there very best from my perspective to get me NOT to buy a Xbox console.
I just cant support that, yes all companies try and pull your pants down but my god MS/Xbox are on a new level and Ms just do it in broad daylight and alot of gamers lap it up ffs,

OptimusDK107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I am sorry but you have very rose tintet glasses on. Sony is no better - quite the opposite. They pull the same every generation where they buy exclusives - but even more buying games off other platforms. That was how the PS1 took the market from Nintendo and especially SEGA.

Also remeber the PS3 era?

Thundercat77107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Microsoft is not on the market for the passion or growth of gaming like Sony or Nintendo. They just sabotage the market and the competition. You don't see them bringing new experiences to gaming. They are all about buying what others are doing in order to gain control.

That's why they are called the cancer of gaming.

Crows90107d ago


You say Sony is no better and then give no real examples other than something from very long ago for which details are quite scarce.

oIMyersIo107d ago


Everton: “Next level dumb”
Also Everton: “..done there very best…”

Don’t mean to be pedantic but when you’re throwing insults around and generalising, calling people dumb, it might be a good idea to learn to spell first.

CS7107d ago

Wow. This comment is spot on.

Despite being there, I hadn’t noticed that every major move MS made for the entirety of their history in gaming has been anti consumer.

That’s the real reason why both Nintendo and Sony can create 10/10 experiences while Xbox struggles to make 7/10 experiences.

They (MS) don’t care about gaming and never did. They’re in it for the money only and to starve/ take control of the market.

While Sony and Nintendo aim for profit but still genuinely attempt to push the gaming medium forward.

I hope the Acti/Bliz deal get blocked. Taking away Bethesda was bad enough.

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Jin_Sakai107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

“Because CoD is what they are after and every thing else is extra.”

But….”Xbox's Phil Spencer: We need Candy Crush, not Call of Duty“

So many lies coming from Microsoft.

XiNatsuDragnel107d ago

Just divest Activision or Blizzard off simple buy either one.

Godmars290107d ago

After just making a deal to put it on a Nintendo system for 10 years? Make a Switch version?

badz149107d ago

Err...I thought they said the deal was about King and Candy Crush?

Crows90107d ago

Theyll do whatever and say whatever it takes to get CoD on game pass.

The dishonesty is so blatant. I really don't understand the Xbox fanbase. How much abuse can you take in a relationship.

EvertonFC107d ago

And all because they prefer the controller 🤣😂

badz149107d ago

Phil said it back in November:

so, to anybody who still believes MS is gonna be honoring their promises once they own ActiBliz...what other proof do you need?

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