The Ministry of Digital Affairs of Ukraine React to the Release of the Russian Game Atomic Heart

"We also call to limit the distribution of this game in other countries due to its toxicity, the potential collection of user data information and the possibility of their transfer to third parties in Russia, as well as the potential use of money raised from game purchases to wage war against Ukraine," Deputy Minister Bornyakov said.

He emphasized that, according to media reports, the development of the game took place with money originating from Russian enterprises and banks that were under sanctions and are systemically important for the Russian government.

“Therefore, we urge all users to ignore this game. We also want to emphasize for the Western audience that the developers of the game did not come out with a public statement condemning the Putin regime and the bloody war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine," Bornyakov concluded.

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ThichQuangDuck28d ago

Looks at amount of our taxes that goes to military campaigns of America, Israel and already goes to Ukraine. Demonizing every human being in Russia including developers accomplishes nothing. Nothing about the game has been "Worship Russia and Soviets". This really kicked off when the Remedy dev who wanted them to call it a war went at them when they likely don't have the freedom to make a bunch of statements about it. Then continued with youtube essay hit pieces like any of them made a video game over these many years with hate in their heart.

Eonjay28d ago

I can understand this. This is the country of Ukraine banning the sales of a Russian company that has invaded them and engaged in a war against them. This is actually very common. I would be surprised if Russia hasn't already banned some Ukrainian companies.

ThichQuangDuck28d ago

They are trying to get it banned in America though. If Ukraine wants to ban the game in Ukraine cool cool that is their country. Trying to tell Steam, Microsoft and Sony how to behave or to act like they are immoral for carrying the game on their platform is the absurd part. Especially Steam cause Steam really carries much worse than this lol. The Russian company Mundfish didn't invade them. Shit many Russians are against what is going on. Being Russia and living in Russia doesn't mean they agree with the actions of Putin just like many Americans don't agree with our perpetual war against Muslims. Modern Warfare and Call of Duty have pumped out while real civilians getting killed. Call of Duty has at times directly worked with the American Military

shinoff218328d ago

Completely agree. Idc about the game being sold I'm going to buy it myself looks like a good time, but if Ukraine would like it not to be sold in their own country , due to circumstances thats totally understandable.

fr0sty28d ago

Outside their borders, they should focus on their own troubles. Inside their borders, I 100% back them asking this to be removed from sale in their country. If China invaded us, I would totally understand a ban on Tik Tok, for instance.

Extermin8or3_28d ago

@fr0sty toktok should be banned anyway its trash and its algorithm is literally directing teenagers in particular towards content that causes them to develop mental health conditions like eating disorders or to think they have other conditions they don't actually have etc. China doesn't expose their own citizens to that algorithm and instead has ones thst target people with videos about science experiments and education etc. I wonder ehy?

fr0sty27d ago

I agree, TikTok is brain rot, and a national security threat.

I don't see Ukraine getting pissed about War Thunder, we've been playing it for years...

Again, if they wanna ban it from Ukraine, cool, but don't tell other countries how to operate.

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Inverno28d ago

It's always those with the luxury of being able to speak out who play ignorant to how the rest of the world operates. Applying western logic to people who live under completely different rules, rules they have no say or sway to oppose or change. Then they act morally superior, putting blame on the people for what their corrupt governments do. Sometimes the best opinion you can have is non at all.

porkChop28d ago

"Nothing about the game has been 'Worship Russia and Soviets'"

Honestly it feels the opposite. Like the dialogue about how Russia and communism is so great, it all comes across as parody/satire to me. They're making fun of it.

solideagle28d ago

did someone forget that "Freedom of speech" is only allowed when its in your favour /s :p

onisama28d ago

its weird how Isra*l companies isnt banned despite them taking Palestine and killing kids and civilians everyday like a sport....well politics

SenorFartCushion28d ago

The premise shows the opposite really. It opposes nationalism in a way. The premise relies on an opposing ideology showing precedent.

DeusFever28d ago

“Looks at amount of our taxes that goes to military campaigns of America, Israel and already goes to Ukraine.”

This is the worst kind of “whataboutism”. Russia has committed tends of thousands of war crimes in Ukraine and indiscriminately bombed residential buildings. Except maybe the Taliban, there is no contemporary comparison.

“Demonizing every human being in Russia including developers accomplishes nothing.”

Ukraine pointed out that financial backers of the game are on the US and EU sanctions list. If you are getting bombed by Russia and your children taken by the Russian government, you’d be a bit anti-Russian. But the complaint wasn’t based on the game being set in Russia.

Christopher28d ago

***Demonizing every human being in Russia including developers accomplishes nothing.***

Hey, can you point me to where they do that?

neutralgamer199227d ago

Please keep politics out of video games. We as Americans are already giving Ukraine everything they want. It's our tax money going into a war

Look at the inflation right now everywhere. Ukraine should have taken the deal and stayed from NATO and there would be no war, there wouldn't be so many innocent lives lost. If I was the leader of Ukraine and Putin wanted an assurance that we wouldn't apply for NATO you best believe I would have given them assurance in writing. Because getting people killed over it isn't worth it

Christopher27d ago

***Ukraine should have taken the deal and stayed from NATO and there would be no war, there wouldn't be so many innocent lives lost.***

If they only did what Russia wanted and nothing else, this wouldn't be a problem. Even after Russia broke its own agreement with Ukraine multiple times

Lots of great nation leaders here who essentially just keep themselves under the thumb of Russia. What great leaders you'd make.

Zombieburger63827d ago

You honestly think Russia wouldn’t invade Ukraine? It’s literally all Russia does to its neighbors so it was going to happen either way. F*ck Russia and anyone who wants to bend their knee to them.

neutralgamer199227d ago


So in your eyes great leaders get their people butchered ?

Great leader or not let's not cost ourselves innocent lives. Y'all make it seem like besides war there was no option.

Not only did this war cost money and lives just look at the inflation. And India/China have done more business with Russia since war started and Russia isn't bothered by our sanctions because they have others who are willing to do business with them. My main point being we must find a peaceful solution

Russia had every right to be fearful that Ukraine will join nato and that NATO forces will be at Russias borders with powerful weapons so to ease those fears It would have been better to assure them that Ukraine wouldn't join NATO or get any weapons from the west


You are making an assumption. Putin said west is supporting Ukraine with funds and weapons and what have we been doing for past 6 months?

Sending our tax money and weapons

Putin didn't want NATO forces in Ukraine because he felt for right or wrong that wouldn't be good for Russia and guess what Ukraine are trying to join NATO

So far it seems all his fears are coming true

I am a peaceful person and I don't believe in having people lose their lives over something they have no control over anyway

Innocent people losing lives isn't benefiting humanity. Also do you mind telling me how you see this war ending? Russia will keep going until they get what they want and may I remind you they are a nuclear powered country who's currently doing business and has backing from India and china

Christopher27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

***So in your eyes great leaders get their people butchered ? ***

Your honor, she deserved it, look at what she was wearing.

Classic victim blaming.

***Y'all make it seem like besides war there was no option. ***

I literally provide the history of them trying to not go to war. At some point, war becomes the only option.

What I love about you criticism of Ukraine is that Russia has lost more in the war, but their invasion is not being criticized for Russia causing the deaths of its citizens. You're only critical of the one being invaded. Not the one who steals children, bombs innocents, breaks treaties.

I would not trust you as a leader. You sound like the type of person who would sell your own people and claim that the oppressor is the best option.

SullysCigar26d ago

@neutralgamer1992, I agree with you word for word. Too many people around here soaking up CNN and not digging deeper to understand both sides of the story and not just the media-presented narrative.

You've got Biden throwing money and weapons at Ukraine hand over fist, Rishi playing a dangerous game of one-upmanship with other European countries over who sends the best weapons the fastest, Germany caving to peer pressure - it's a mess. Who knows if they're doing this for the right reasons? None of us, that's for sure.

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Matpan27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

To be completely honest, the Ukranian Ministry of Digital Affairs can take whatever actions they deem worthy of taking. They can seek to get this game and any other digital content that potentially generate revenue for russia banned in as many countries as they can. This is war time and they are trying to cripple revenue streams for their invaders in as many ways as they can.

It is up to Steam, Microsoft and any other companies in their respective countries to take action or not. US and other NATO countries have already placed several restrictions and penalties upon Russia, many of which involve dealings of private companies with them. So there is a good precedent of many companies following suit and adhering to these bans / blocade. Hence I don´t see how this request by this Ministry seeks to achieve anything wildly different. It is just another strategy to apply pressure.

onisama27d ago

but does it work...i only see inflation and oil/gas prices going up and economie all around the world is hurt...actually lot of small companies and lot of people lost their jobs ...while the start point was Corona now oil prices in my country just made final below to many small business.....

we just want this to end soon

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hotnickles28d ago

Just send the letter back to whatever Orwell Ministry it came from and tell them to ban their own games.

SyntheticForm28d ago

I knew I had to buy this game.

oIMyersIo28d ago

People oftentimes live in a bubble of privilege. Those born and raised in the west, whilst we have our own issues, don’t live under dictators.

Mundfish has done what they can to distance themselves from Russia and the invasion. When asked about it, they gave a “politican’s answer” and got criticised…by people who aren’t Russian.

We all know fine well that if you criticise the regime as a Russian citizen, you better stay well away from windows, beverages, weapons, etc.

What is happening in Ukraine is awful and the Russian government have crippled their country and set the citizens back. That being said, there’s no need to penalise a developer simply for where they are from.

A lot of controversy also seems to stem from investors. One of the major investors is Gaijin Entertainment. Do we see people pulling War Thunder from digital storefronts? No.

LoveSpuds27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I think you have nailed it with your rationale squire, it aligns with my own feelings. I think I would feel different if this was a giant Russian company with ties to Putin and the government, however, we are talking about a small company here.

I do feel uncomfortable about vilifying all Russians personally, but I also recognise its very easy for me to take this position from the safety of my home in the UK. I am sure that if I were Ukranian and was impacted by the atrocities committed by Russians more personally, I would likely feel very different.

Saaleh27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I'm sure that If i was Ukrainian and against Russian invasion, i wouldn't be vilifying ALL Russians. This is blind hate that leads to negative consequences. Ukrainian Government have no rights to force their own people to hate Russian people/businesses.

Being Treated Unjustly doesn't give ukrainian the rights to demonize Russian people who are living in russia or anywhere who are not involved in these decisions. If they wanna hate, they can hate certain types of soldiers and the governments and the presidents.

if a uk soldier started to kill my family, does that justify hating all uk citizens and wishing their destruction and failure and suffering ? we wont fix things if we have blind hate.

Wish all of us the best. So lets learn from these devastating events and not follow blind rules and governments narratives , so that we can have good influence not like these governments.

LoveSpuds27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I think you are being a bit naive here personally Saaleh, and I suspect again that you can take this holier than thou position precisely because you are unaffected by the war crimes that are going on in Ukraine.

This isn't simply a political spat, we are talking about Russian soldiers and mercenaries murdering civilians in their thousands. If you cannot appreciate why the Ukrainian government are seeking to take the strongest
possible measures against Russia and their interests then I don't know what to say to you.

But by way of example, lets look at what happened during WW2 after Pearl Harbour. The US government locked up tens of thousands of Japanese American families, most of who had never set foot on Japanese soil in their lives and were fully fledged American citizens. All with very little resistance from the rest of US society with the move being generally popular. Do you think the US government cared that those families had nothing to do with Japans actions at the time?

To be clear, I would like to live in a world where governments and citizens didn't behave in these ways, but again, it simply isn't realistic to expect it. I would like to think that I could be even handed with my emotions and I hope I am never tested, but if a Russian soldier murdered my family doing the bidding of the Russian government, could I let it slide and not want the strongest possible sanctions against anything associated with Russia?????

Adrian_v0126d ago


It's important to learn the difference between reality and one's own emotions. The emotional basis for what you wrote is clear, but it's just that - emotions. Saying we should boycott all Russians because their army committed a war crime is in no way different than people saying we should boycott hogwarts legacy because of transphobia, it's an emotional overreaction. That's coming from someone who grew up during the Balkan wars as a Bosnian and had family suffer and die to it, still always had plenty of Serbian friends.

LoveSpuds26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

To be clear Adrian, I am not advocating for this developer to face any censure, I was simply suggesting that I can understand how and why these things happen, nothing more.

Saaleh26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Many of us were in the same position as ukrainians, [being killed / discriminated / silenced / forced to leave our homes / lost our jobs / prisoned and tortured / left starving / our achievements and patience are devalued daily ..etc] and even worst. Some of us felt the same as you said (it is rare but sometimes when i'm alone i do have pulses of blind hate just to remove some of the overheating but then i immediately start thinking rationally step by step and use this blind hate to learn to control my self and construct better logic for real situations) so to heal this mentality we keep learning from historic painful events / from other tragedies that we all can observe / we learn from what will possibly gonna befall all of us if we keep looking at things in imbalanced way / i always imagine innocent and ignorant families ''of the other side'', to take these topics more seriously / we observe when [revenge is used blindly] what happen to families and countries of these invaders, ALWAYS negative effects to both sides so we can't afford to have these feelings that you mentioning in real situations .

Personally I learn from Imam Ali's struggles because it is far more complex than our current events. So it is gradually became easy for me not to hate those who wage war against me or disagree with me because i'm too busy healing FUNDEMNTAL things while they are too busy seeking their self destructive desires regardless of the negative impact on others, i will do my positive part and GOD will take care of the rest, so i always see their families and countries as innocents (especially if they are mislead and ignorant) and only deal with the corruption in a positive way + protect my self properly. If i can help these developers and their families i will help to form peaceful connections and positive effect, we all stuck in corrupted systems trying to brainwash us so lets be real with each other. That's why i don't devalue your point of view since we keep learning every day.

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SierraGuy28d ago

Game is weird af anyway. Ban it everywhere... you'd think it would fall under some form of sanction already in place.

Crap bioshock imitation.

porkChop28d ago

It does have some similarities to BioShock, Far Cry, Fallout, etc., but it's in no way an imitation. Atomic Heart is very much its own thing. It's got some elements and ideas inspired by other games, but each has a unique spin on it.

Yui_Suzumiya28d ago

Hell, it's one of the few decent games this whole gen.