26 new images from Oblivion PS3

26 bits of media - including screenshots and renders - from Oblivion on PS3. Bethesda's PS3 version of its critically acclaimed role-player is a launch title for the console in the UK and, if you take the plunge with Sony's new machine, then Oblivion is a must if you're an RPG fan.

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bigmack4899d ago

looks great. ill sure get this at March.

THWIP4899d ago

...look EXACTLY like the 360 version.

360 screens :

PS3 screens :

Anyone who still believes the PS3 version will really be a noticeable improvement over PC/360, is gullible and blind.

techie4899d ago

Calm down. There really is no need to get defensive. You've played the game its all good. If there are improvements (which I believe there are by comparison pics) then koolio but it does not mean the ps3 is stronger! So you don't need to defend - all it looks like is a sign of weakness - I think xbox360 fans should feel bloody happy with their purchase and their games and should sit there with a smug look on their face rather than being so defensive.

THWIP4899d ago

You see, people will believe ANYTHING, as long as they keep the blinders on, and refuse to listen to logic. But, when the game releases next month, the PS3 owners who missed out on this game last year, will foolishly think the wait was somehow worth it. The fact is, any "improvements" that MAY have been made, simply won't be noticeable. Of course, that doesn't stop them from posting stupid crap like "hahahahaha, just more proof that the PS3 is superior to the 360!"....but it sure does make them look like fools.

specialguest4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )'re just oozing with unnessesary insecurity issues. Why does it matter to you what PS3 owners of this game will think? You've had your fun with this so called "360 left over" game already. So how does it directly effect you or any other 360 owners?

These screens may look exactly like the 360 version, but Guess what? The improved graphics and what not was originally stated by Bethesda, not the fanboys. So you're saying that Bethesda is wrong?

Calm down and let it go man.

THWIP4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

...just sick and tired of the bullsh*t people continue to post in here. It's time for it to stop. The PS3 is finally here, and Sony failed to impress....again ; they suckered me back in 2000, but I'm glad I learned my lesson from that.

And 'shadowgamer' fail at LIFE, so take your preachy bullsh*t elsewhere. I never said the game is bad...far from it. As for extra content, you only get NOTN free...the rest you'll pay for ; of course, PC/360 gamers will have finished all of that content MONTHS before that happens. ;)

xfrgtr4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

So you know better than bethesda?"PS3's visuals are sharper and yet softer too, turning previously cardboard-cut-out grass into believable tufts and adding an almost tangible solidity to the world around you.
the enhanced visuals have given a new weight to the falling snow of the Bravil mountains, and you can almost taste the moisture in the air while sludging through the swamps of Leyawiin. The quests may be the same, but PS3 Oblivion can still make a seasoned wanderer's eyes widen.
"The real enhancement is in the visuals and, to some extent, the loading times. The game seemed to have a slightly smoother and more consistent frame rate than it did on the Xbox, though the difference wasn't enormous, and it seemed to us that the textures looked just a tad sharper. More obvious (and confirmed by Bethesda) was an improvement to the game's texturing over large distances. Remember how the original Oblivion had a line set an arbitrary distance in front of the player beyond which ground textures turned into kind of a muddy mess? That's all taken care of now, thanks to a new custom pixel shader. The effect is only noticeable outdoors--though it's more accurate to say the effect is not noticeable if you've never played a previous version of the game--but it's a nice addition nonetheless.
Oblivion will make extensive use of the PS3's hard drive by caching multiple gigabytes of data, which seemed to help with load times from what we saw. Bethesda's Pete Hines also commented that recent reports of data duplication on the PS3 Oblivion disc have been exaggerated, and this technique isn't different from the similar strategy that was employed in the creation of the Xbox 360 game last year"

ApocalypseShadow4899d ago

you played it on 360.great for we get to play an improved version.the devs said themselves with extra content we don't have to can't spin it any other way.and i could careless that you can't make any more failed.ps3 gamers are going to get this game.a year later doesn't make it a bad won,good try,but YOU FAILED TO MAKE AN IMPACT.

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