dreamGear Unveils a Beast of a PS3 Guitar

by Wade:

"The full sized guitar adds a realism to Rock Band and Guitar Hero games and is compatible for the PS 2 and PS 3. The WarBeast has 2.4Ghz latency free wireless game play, glowing strumbar, custom neck with detailed inlays, detachable faceplates and neck and custom skull fret inlays".

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ThatCanadianGuy4715d ago

Looks pretty badass.I'm thinking of buying Rock band 2 or Guitar hero world tour.

Anyone have any pro's and con's for each?

BRACHATTACK4715d ago (Edited 4715d ago )

RB2 has generally better songs on DLC. Online play better and varied.

GHWT IMO has better gameplay, but the songs aren't as good. Instruments are much better however, and the create your own song thing is pretty good.