Activision Suffers A Massive Hack; Sensitive Employee Info Leaked And More

Activision has recently suffered an internal hack, which led to sensitive employee documents being leaked, as detailed by a renowned insider.

XiNatsuDragnel107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I know I'm evil but this Is a good thing imo.

crazyCoconuts107d ago

I'm not sure evil is the word that first comes to mind

Gamer_Dude107d ago

If true it's a criminal act likely punishable by a prison sentence.

Double_O_Revan106d ago

Not really. Because it's the employees that are suffering. If this was targeted to executives or the people that were responsible for the harsh conditions within the company, then yea. But the info, possibly of the people that are already suffering, being released online is like rubbing salt int he wound. Going after the evil corporation, I'm ok with. But the poor people that work there because they need their jobs, not so much.

Hofstaderman107d ago

Finally we get to see who gains how much if the Microsoft deal goes through. Probably the most vocal people who have been doing the rounds in the media.

S2Killinit106d ago

It involved: “sensitive work place documents” The hacker notably gained access to secret docs on December 4th, 2022, and after 2 months, the details have finally emerged.”

There maybe information/communications with MS regarding the deal, their plans, etc.

SegaSaturn669107d ago

Hopefully there will be a day 1 patch and 5 dollar Starbucks gift cards to help those affected

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GoodGuy09107d ago

And this adds to more reason for mcsft to buy em

106d ago
ironmonkey106d ago

your right buy them and do what they did to the rest, put them of the shelf like the rest of their dusty studios

ActualEngineer106d ago

So far, most of the studios they have bought have gone to good use. Are you blind?

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