Microsoft & Nintendo Sign Binding 10-year Deal to Release Call of Duty on Switch

Microsoft announced today that it has signed a binding deal to bring the Call of Duty Franchise to Nintendo platforms for the next 10 years.

-Foxtrot512d ago

To downgraded mediocre, sloppy seconds COD games

SullysCigar512d ago

^ What Foxtrot said - but moreover, "day and date" with xbox and PlayStation, with "full feature and content parity".... on a Switch? Did they just hamstring COD?

At the very least, I'm expecting delays due to development problems.

The3faces512d ago

The Xbox Family! Definitely great times ahead!

Army_of_Darkness512d ago

Enjoy that 720p @30fps COD...... 😏

crazyCoconuts512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

To add to Sully + fox, if Activision thought COD could be successful on the Switch, they would have made it available on that platform already.
Why wouldn't they? Either because the demand wouldn't be there for it or as you guys said they'd have to compromise too much in terms of quality of the games. Either way, MS is making a sacrifice here. I wonder if it's all worth it
Oh, just thought of this... What if they're doing it with streaming?

Flawlessmic512d ago

Exactly sully

This is just Ms playing politics saying hey look it'll be on Nintendo now to make them selves look better, when one Nintendo owners couldn't care less about it and 2 clearly wasn't selling enough for Activision to care either.

rlow1511d ago

The Switch is coming to the end of its life. I think MS knows some things about Nintendo that the rest of us don’t. New console maybe……

agnosticgamer511d ago

Why bash it being offered to new gamers? Same day and date release all dlc same day and date… not all people can afford the high-end systems and for them this could be the best option.

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Flawlessmic512d ago

Welcome Nintendo?

Thanks for the laugh.

Can't say I'm looking forward to a hamstrung version of cod tbh.

People don't buy Nintendo's for cod but cool take it away at some point from the 10s of millions of people that actually do buy a certain console to play it.

Gamer_Dude512d ago

I believe the parity was referring to features and content, not graphics.

Flawlessmic512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Mate, these new consoles can do so much more than a Nintendo console.

Its more than just reso and fps, it's like the jedi survivors devs came put and said, they wouldnt be able to make the game they want if they made it for older consoles aswell.

So the game will be hamstrung in one way or another, smaller spaces, no advanced physics, Ai and all sorts of other stuff that have nothing to do with reso and fps.

Anyone that believes older harder doesn't hold current gen games back is seriously fooling themselves.

PureBlood512d ago

^ Gamer_Dude, nobody has even implied otherwise - what's the point you're trying to make?

Obscure_Observer511d ago (Edited 511d ago )

"Welcome Nintendo?"

Yes. By signing this deal, Nintendo has positioned itself in favor of Microsoft´s acquisition of Activision/Blizzard, and, by doing so, they might benefit from it by getting more than just COD.

"Can't say I'm looking forward to a hamstrung version of cod tbh.

Nor are Nintendo. They´re not stupid.

Next month the Nintendo Switch will be a 6 year old console. So imo, Nintendo is obviously looking forward not only for COD but to all of the Xbox first party games that they can possible get, and get it ported to their next gen console, yet to be announced/revealed.

I´m expecting Nintendo´s next gen console to be superior, or at very least as powerful as the Xbox Series S, increasing their chances on getting ports for new upcoming Xbox AAA first party games, including Starfield and TESVI.

Necr0philiac511d ago

Nintendo Switch 2 will be out by November 2024

JackBNimble511d ago

Who are they taking cod away from?
And who is "they" anyway... sony or MS?
Considering MS has offered Sony a 10 year deal one could say it's Sony taking cod away by turning a deal down.

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Vengeance1138512d ago

Do you think Microsoft just acquired Nintendo or something?? What are you even on about.

Aloymetal512d ago

The green camp showing its true colors once again, only reason they're cheering on this MS/Activision deal is because they know that sooner or later COD (and a few other games) won't be on PS platform. It's kinda sad since this deal won't bring anything new for the xbox fanbase, COD has been on xbox since forever but as long as it doesn't come to PS they'll be happy.

fr0sty512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

I see MS is making the rounds... "Open up that checkbook and we'll give you this aging and worn down game franchise that people won't even be playing anymore in a decade, for a decade. No, add a few more zeroes to the end... there we go..."

Not a care in the world for the fact that they are cannibalizing their own franchise by selling the rights to release gimped versions of it on weak handhelds. They've always prioritized short term profit over long term success.

GotGame818511d ago

Modern Warfare 2 was the biggest selling game, in 2022! Sales say you're wrong.

AnotherGamer511d ago

To what? They're not buying Nintendo or anything.

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Thundercat77512d ago

Oh Nintendo... you will know the consequences of laying in bed with Microsoft.

Obscure_Observer512d ago

Eventually, Sony will be "laying in bed" with Microsoft as well, and you´ll be here making lame excuses for them.

"Oh, poor Sony, they had no choice but laying in bed with Microsoft because they care about us gamers".

Fun times ahead.

darkrider512d ago

They care? Oohhh honey....

Flakegriffin512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

You console fanboys are strange.

notachance512d ago

it's guys like you that actually enables MS to be this pathetic

thesoftware730512d ago (Edited 512d ago )

Sony already laid with MS,

Azura cloud service
Minecraft(Continued support)
ESO(continued support)

It's just that now MS is treating Sony like a cheap Wh***, and Sony went Master class Karen on them.....