Meristation: What is the buzz of 2009?

By Team APM:

"Rumor 1: Final Fantasy VII Remake:
It's a constant every year and we do not doubt that will sound again in 2009. Who knows if even more consistent than before.

Rumor 2: Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360:
Kojima has said that MGS4 is exclusive to the PS3.But have no doubt that this rumor will return in 2009.

Rumor3: Wii HD:
The Wii HD version was one of the hottest rumors in 2008 and was quickly denied by Nintendo. Perhaps they keep this as a secret in their factories dreams.

Rumor 4: Shemnue 3:
Shemnue 3 is not confirmed , but SEGA knows that this saga is a strong source of income, especially if one day they decide to launch a new console.These rumors will surely return in 2009".



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Sully4722d ago

Hey Xbots guess who has the publishing rights to Final Fantasy 7? Thats right Sony.

No mutliplatform bullshit this time around.

NaiNaiNai4721d ago

it will go mutiplat. lol it has been made on PC before it will do it again. XD no need to buy a ps3.

Skyreno4722d ago (Edited 4722d ago )

:( why must they show that final fantasy 7 remake on ps3 game box looks so beautfull.... i can only dream and Hope ^^

Xbox Street Gang4722d ago

Ya need to move on. I love FFVII also, but it's time to move on.

Tacticity4721d ago (Edited 4721d ago )

Sony does own the rights to FF 7. If you think this is just pure BS. Why the hell did FF 7 crises core go exclusive. If anybody thinks FF 7 remake will go multi whenever they do make it will never happen. Yes they did make it for PC but that was only because Sony gave the go ahead. If they make it will be PS3 exclusive of course.

AngryHippo4721d ago

in my opinion should be all the PS3 exlusives such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, GT5 & GOW3 (fingers crossed the last two make it in '09). God damn im excited about those titles, my PS3 is definately going to heavily used this year.

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