Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Lack of Original Content Should Be a Lesson For Future Games

Game Rant Writes "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 has just launched, and its lack of new and original content is starting to become a dangerous trend."

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franwex96d ago

There’s no lesson to be learned. No one has learned anything.

X-2396d ago

How? Didn't this game break record sells in terms of Call of Duty? The only thing Activision learned from this is to do the same thing again next release and the playerbase does the same thing every year now, buy the new one play it for a week or two, complain about it by claiming it's the worse iteration, praises the last iteration by saying "at least it ___" wait a year (2 years supposedly this time) then rinse and repeat.
These games are genuinely just shells of their former selves, no personality, no real rewards or reasons to really play, they are no longer fun because "E-Sports" and bad decision making, the arcade feeling is gone movement barely matters because you seem like a bullet magnet no matter what, poor implementations of items and features.

CoD used to be a game you could play for hours with or without friends and enjoy it, now it's just soul-less and disconnected from it's core audience even the menu interface is dreadful.


I’m sure everything will improve for CoD once M$ owns it. They make great games.


Npugz796d ago

Season 2 it absolutely garbage! The weapons and the operator skins are horrible. I’ll be skipping the whole season.

bradfh95d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Mostly all the good skins are behind pay wall that I would never buy

chobit_A5HL3Y95d ago

it's been a solid decade of call of duty being stale and honestly just a trash game/franchise. year after year, the devs cobble together some half-assed attempt to revitalize it, people fall for it, buy it, complain, and the cycle repeats. it's a shame that they hold such a large share of the market, and that ms and sony actually have to care about which console this garbage franchise favours.

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