Atomic Heart Review – A Far Cry From Bioshock? | WhatsGood

WG writes: It definitely has some elements of popular franchises like Bioshock, Prey and more, but is this unique configuration of existing ideas more than the sum of its atomic parts?

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Sonic1881100d ago

He made it sound like the game is mediocre at best

Derekvinyard13100d ago

It's averaging around 7-8. Ign gave an 8. Not sure if I want to pick this one up

Sonic1881100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

There's always game pass if you have that option. I was going to play it on PC after I'm done with Hogwarts Legacy or maybe I'll just play Wildhearts

Andrew336100d ago

Damn. A lot of you guys seem to only play games rated 9-10.

Sonic1881100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Not at launch for $70 bucks for a mediocre game. But then again this is on game pass so it's a win-win in my eyes 🤔

REDGUM100d ago

An 8 is a good score for any game released these days. Especially as it's a unique game in it's own right.

SullysCigar100d ago

Especially for a new IP. From the reviews it sounds like some are having issues with bugs and others aren't. I wonder if it will get a day one patch?

Ognipode100d ago

Those twin robots are about to spawn off an entire category on teh-pr0n sites aren't they?