Sony may not hide information from Microsoft: This says the European regulations

Analysis and all the keys of Regulation No. 139/2004 and Directive (EU) 2016/943 on business secrets


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mandf108d ago

Lmao. Ms can't force sony to do anything. It must be ruled on. Fishing for info that suits ms needs doesn't hold up in court.

onisama108d ago

Getting those dirty deals to block games from gamepass and multiplatform contract info will be huge for the deal.... Sony also not providing documentation to "prove" their claims is good for MS... This is how courts works no proof.. Then its just pip talk

Extermin8or3_107d ago

No it won't be huge for the deal that is the how the law works. 1) sonys 3rd party agreements are times and Microsoft does exactly the same thing with titles they have marketing agreements for and ps plus 2) buying a publisher is completely incomparable to 3rd party toned exclusivity deals 3) in law two wrongs don't make a right. Even if sonts actions would be considered anti-competitive that has literally zero bearing on wether or not the activision blizzard acquisition would be anti-competitive and bad for consumers in the medium to long term. If MS have a serious issue with sony's deals its welcome to bring antitrust cases against Sony if it feels there is an issue.

Eonjay107d ago

This article is a bunch of word salad but what is the point or story? All they are doing is stating statutes. Nothing about this case is being directly stated.

Lore107d ago

“Dirty deals”

Lol “okay”

rlow1107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Obviously you didn’t read the article. Ms isn’t forcing Sony to do anything. It’s called the law and had you bothered to read the article, it goes into detail about the legal processes involved.

To put it another way, know what you’re talking about before making a comment that screams ignorance.

As for the article, interesting that Sony hasn’t backed up their claims with some sort of paperwork. They have accused MS from the get go and they have to back up their claims. Seems like an easy and reasonable request for documents proving what they are saying.

onisama107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

because MS real objective is to get those dirty deals sony is making ..certainly the ones were sony is paying millions to keep games out of gamepass which will cause them problems ... sony never went out defending about this certain claim by Microsoft which was a direct and public claim and sony knows its true so the act like they didnt hear a thing or they wouldve went to court

1Victor107d ago

For those that got nose deep in the article waters here is a few points
1 Microsoft need documentation(discovery ) to defend themselves their accuser’s
2 Microsoft accuser’s can exclude information they deem secret or trademarked
3 The courts have ways to extricate what’s considered secret or trademark. Microsoft can’t be denied the purchase based on documents deemed secret as the law say they need to know what they defending from.

Now think about it this way let’s say KFC is suing Popeyes for whatever reasons, Popeyes have the right of discovery ask for information they can include KFC seasoning recipe but that doesn’t mean they’ll get it, the court will have to go through all the documents to match them to what is considered secret and exclude it or provide it according tho the case needs

1Victor107d ago

Rlow: “As for the article, interesting that Sony hasn’t backed up their claims with some sort of paperwork”
Do you really think Sony hasn’t produced any documentation?🤦ㇿ 9;
If Sony hasn’t provided any documentation the case would had been thrown out of courts a long time ago and Sony would had been fined for frivolous suits.

Asplundh107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

"Sony would had been fined for frivolous suits."

You clearly have no idea what you're talking about, Sony isn't suing Microsoft here and hasn't filed a lawsuit of any kind, they've simply made claims to FTC and EC. The deal is being looked at by governments because the size of the deal, It's the regulators job to observe trade deals and seek to block them as they see fit.

sinspirit107d ago


Sony's stance has nothing to do with Microsoft asking for information irrelevant to their statements and the case of whether MS should be allowed to buy Activision/Blizzard/King. Quit acting like this is a Sony versus Microsoft thing. Sony stated things that were shown as true when MS documents came out. Such as, how GamePass is not good for the market and they're only getting games on there the way they had been because they are paying a lot of extra money to have the service take off. It's not a viable and good service in any type of business sense. This is MS trying to control a market, and then they are taking their GamePass ideals and money dumping and trying to use it on the market now and therefore, back to GamePass so that they will be denying competition to any other game subscription service.

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headshotfrosty107d ago

So you’re a corporate attorney privy to the dealings?

1Victor107d ago

@splun frivolous suit /claims take your pick it’s the same thing 🤦🏿.
You don’t go making serious claims just for fun without providing some paperwork.

343_Guilty_Spark107d ago

The courts can and will.

We already know they got better deals for COD than their competitors … Sony doesn’t want to lose out on them.

But they will.

anubusgold107d ago

Yes they can they can force sony to expose all the deals they made to keep games off game pass and all the games they paid to keep content off xbox to give them a advantage so sorry sony you played yourself cough it up.

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XiNatsuDragnel108d ago

Only the courts do something because as much as Sony they want to block the deal too imo.

343_Guilty_Spark107d ago

You have no idea what you’re talking about

XiNatsuDragnel107d ago

Oh i do my friend, everyone has a reason why something should or shouldn't come true in this case. Europe and Sony or Amazon anc Google.

TheEnigma313108d ago

This is getting so damn petty and reeks of desperation from MS.

giovonni108d ago

So if someone, in a court of law accused you of something, you wouldn’t ask for evidence, you’re just gonna take their word for it? Sony has pushed some strong allegations, and asking them to prove it is desperation?

SeTTriP108d ago

Yes, they shouldn't be allowed to buy a major third party developer in the first place, to take games away from an already existing fanbase for more then three decades just because you can't manage the 20something studios you already have.

It's poor form on Ms part and desperate to buy a pub for 69billion when you didn't need to because the games were coming to your system to begin with, and for a small fraction of that 69bil you could've had as many triple A production in your pipeline for years to come.

You people really don't operate on logic do you?

ReadyPlayer22107d ago

Set trip

You didn't refute a single thing he said, just regurgitated the same old talking points you fanboys scream until the end of time. It's well known Sony bought Psygnosis to enter gaming back in the day. Why weren't you crying then?

The3faces108d ago

So MS are the one's who are petty and desperate? lol

107d ago
thesoftware730108d ago

You mean being in Court 1/2 due to Sony protest, and formal complaint?

Wouldn't Sony attempt to block it be desperation?

SeTTriP107d ago

Sony is only looking out and going to bat for they're fanbase what do you expect them to do? But the burden of proof is on Ms to prove why in 4 console cycles with 2trillion to back you and 20something (at they're respective times) highly regarded studios can't you compete with sony??

It's clear that Ms thought that copy and pasting everybody else strategies (wii motion control, let's make connect, psnow let's make gamepass, Sony acquiring smaller game developers, let's do that, single player games are dead, but sees sony single player games sell 20mil units, lets backtrack)

Ms really doesn't have it's own identity in the gaming space because each new popular idea that Sony or Nintendo come up with they literally copy and paste it and just throw money at it regardless of talent behind it, they think that breeds success...and its pathetic really and just shows Ms never did any real research before trying to consolidate gaming they always thought just throw money and specs at something and the problem would take care of itself.

107d ago
343_Guilty_Spark107d ago


Has nothing to do with their base and everything to do with their bottom line

Gunstar75107d ago

Sony is the one trying to block the deal, so they are being called to account for their claims.

What is desperate about that?

giovonni107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@settrip see it would be logic if what you said were fact. In reality everything you stated is hearsay and based upon personal preference and bias. Those 30 million can still play Activision games some will be locked to Xbox some will not and also be available via gamepass on all tablets, PC, and the most affordable Xbox. It’s also not poor form or desperation it’s business. See Sony has made companies sign contracts to totally lock games from Xbox to include making sure they don’t release on game pass… doesn’t this hurt competition, and also bad form and desperation? Lastly, if MS has the money to acquire them so be it, because if Sony had the cash they would too.

SeTTriP107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I'm objective xbox just isn't good enough on any level to compete with sony in gaming and now ppl are calling sony desperate trying to block MS desperate move to compete it's hilarious to me actually.

But the dangers of what MS is doing is a cancer to gaming periode.

Xbox had ample time to build they're brand just like sony and Nintendo and just because they are a tech giant they thought they were going to make huge and quick profit from gaming and it didn't work that way.there's much more to gaming then specs and loads of money and Sony is teaching them that lesson (burtally i might add)

You can't just buy the world because you can't compete, do you realize how dangerous that is (and you can extrapolate that out into every facet of life)?

We can all agree that pay to win in gaming is a cancer to fair competition why is this so hard to understand?

I operate on logic like I said and your bias Is showing my friend not mines, I just keep it a buck.

CrimsonWing69107d ago

desperation? You do realize when someone makes a claim and you take it to court, there's nothing wrong with asking for evidence to support the claim.

Look, I get you're team Sony, but let's be real with how court proceedings work and if you don't know do some research.

TheEnigma313107d ago

MS is desperate for games.

CrimsonWing69107d ago


I can’t argue with you there. Pretty sure that’s why they want this deal to go through 🤷‍♂️

anubusgold104d ago

Court documents have revealed sony made devs to sign deals not to use the full power of the xbox consoles and not let it run better on xbox.

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onisama108d ago

Well lets see the sony rotten core
Sony cry about MS buying ABK but they buy studios and multiplatform games

Sony have only 1 exclsuive this year and buying 3rd party games to cover for it

blue88108d ago

[email protected] Horizon call of mountains literally coming out this week lol.

PureBlood107d ago

And Firewall Ultra coming soon. The first game was amazing. Literally hundreds of hours in that game!

And Factions 2. And Burning Sands, which is PS5 exclusive, so not bound by PS4. And Spider-man 2

This stupid MS deal is bringing the information flow to a halt. Nobody wants to show their hand, so we don't get to know what else is coming this year!

ironmonkey107d ago

You said it perfect. Games are being released all the time on Sony. Psvr 2 and the train,

Phoenix76108d ago

There is a HUGE difference between buying a studio with a few titles, and buying up a major publisher (of over 40yrs) who has multiple studios under it and even more ip's with many titles.

Imalwaysright108d ago

The difference is that MS can afford to acquire Activision. It's not different than when in the 90s Sony got in the gaming industry and made deals that Sega and Nintendo would struggle to afford such as acquiring Psygnosis whose games at the time accounted for 40% of game sales in Europe.

thesoftware730108d ago (Edited 108d ago )


The more you say it the better it must feel.

onisama108d ago

Why i should care when i cant play lot of games on my xbox because of 3rd party exclsuivity or studios bought by sony?
Sony is screwing xbox gamers as they can... Just give them more pcket depth and you will see wonders

Flawlessmic108d ago ShowReplies(5)
SeTTriP107d ago

Game developers and publishers are to different things.

Peter Jackson is a great director but he couldn't found his vision so he goes to a major studio to pitch his idea they agree and give him a lump some of money because they see his vision.

Peter Jackson would be the developer in this instance.can you see the difference?

curtain_swoosh107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

ff 16
ff7 rebirth
stellar blade
the horizon game for vr2

1 exclusive my arse.

sony aint ms with the buyouts cause they have no games.

onisama107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

isnt that what i was saying..if they didnt buy those 3rd party games (FF a multiplatform IP and stellar blade (project eve whcih was a multiplatform project) also spiderman is originaly a multiplatform IP and insumaniac (the dev) is bought by sony after being a free dev....they wouldve had 1 exlusive and thats a VR game for game already released

i only see your comment as a proof of my point that seem that fanboys your level cant understand or maybe just cant read properly

tay8701107d ago

Don't forget indies tchia and season, along with horizon burning shores
Obviously they are waiting for their showcase to drop info on what all their internal devs are working on. Last of us online will almost assuredly release this yr, also the new twisted metal game is probably near completion. Bluepointe has teased their new release. Uncharted is clearly being rebooted and if the new playstation commercial is anything to go by, it will be releasing soon. Silent hill 2 remake, I could keep going. UT I'm sure they get the picture. When Sony does finally do their showcase, jaws are going to drop guaranteed.

thesoftware730107d ago

Why do y'all keep counting Horizon CotM in comparison to standard console games?

VR has been around for a while now, and I never seen many comparisons to standard games. Comparing VR to standard console games is a reach, it's like comparing console games to cell phone games...

Some people barely believe in comparing Nintendo games to MS and Sony games, just because the Switch is a Handheld. Let's us not pretend that VR games are somehow a Metric for Console output, it's a luxury, an add on, a niche device. No one ever compares Oculus to the PS5 or Xbox, no need to start now.

ken2813107d ago

Sony buy studios without any products. Name a game insomniac owns? Sunset Overdrive? That’s it! That’s why they were 200 mil. They paid that for the pure talent.
Bungie owns 1 I.P. Housemarque?

107d ago
SoulWarrior107d ago

'Sony cry about MS buying ABK but they buy studios and multiplatform games'

Oh look, the same usual false equivlalency being parroted again.

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SeTTriP107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

@ Flawlessmic

"Don't need to argue I have all 3 consoles lol

Unlike you i don't need to protect any particular box"

Good for you but that's not everybody's situation some can't afford both, others just like one more then the other, alot of us only have time for one me myself, Ms lost me in the 360 Era and I will not support.i love gaming as a real genuine artform ran and lead and developed by highly intelligent people, these are engineers, coders, artists, story tellers etc, so people (or gamers like me) expect an intelligent product, Sony and Nintendo give me that respect and I give them my money for it.

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