No Man’s Sky update teases an icy expedition for PSVR 2 explorers

Hello Games managing director Sean Murray is teasing the next No Man's Sky update, which could be a winter-themed expedition for PS5 and PSVR 2 players.

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Knushwood Butt215d ago

Is the PSVR2 compatibility already there? If so, this is my second PSVR2 game (attach rate 1:2)

mkis007215d ago

Ive already technically bought 5 just for psvr2.

Knushwood Butt215d ago

Nice. I'll probably get Switchback after my next credit card period starts.

PureBlood215d ago

I tried it for a couple of hours on OG PSVR with a PS4 Pro. It was amazing and I wanted more, but decided to wait on PS5 and PSVR2 for better clarity and controls.

So much more content has landed since then, I can't wait to dive back in and have a flawless experience!

NotoriousWhiz215d ago

Haven't touched no man's sky yet but it may be one of my first psvr2 games as well (my 3rd maybe) . My second is going to be Kayak VR.

MONOLITHICIDE213d ago (Edited 213d ago )

Do yourself a favor.

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Profchaos215d ago

Just picked this up myself waited years for the perfect time to jump in psvr 2 was the perfect excuse

UltimateOwnage215d ago

Man I can't wait for my PSVR2 to get here! This will be one of the first games I play on it. The vastness of space with perfect blacks, HDR and VR immersion...

Simundo215d ago

Can't wait. I bought the game on launch day but we all know how bare bones and poor it was at launch so put it down quickly. It went through it's redemption arc and I thought I'll play it now but there were rumours of PSVR support so delayed playing it for that. It launched on PSVR but was a rough ride so I put it down in the hope it would wind up on PSVR2 and here it is.

I delayed playing three games hoping they would eventually get PSVr2 support, Resi 8, GT7 and No Man's Sky. They're all here in the launch window. Sony does have a knack of serving up just what I want.

Phoenix76215d ago

Agree with you there mate. I had NMS since launch day. Put away till psvr1, then did over 60+ hrs in vr and loved it lol. Looking forward to starting a new game as not played in over a year now.
Also brought gt7 and resi for launch. Will probably try the shooting range on res 1st

Simundo215d ago

I've got Call of the Mountain, GT7, Resi 8, No Man's Sky and pre-ordered Kayak VR: Mirage. I'm going to go with Kayak VR as my first experience with PSVR2 as I here it's one of the best looking and immersive VR experiences out there. But there's so much already to gorge on. After that bunch of games which will take me a while to get through I'll get Switchback VR, Moss Book II and the upgrade for Thumper.

Phoenix76215d ago

Even though i love the franchise (got lego tallneck) I passed on horizon for now, not because it looks bad or anything, but would rather wait and see if they do a physical copy or it goes on sale.
I'm also hoping to see either pavlov or sierra squad get release dates

Knushwood Butt215d ago

Yeah, I want Horizon on physical.

SullysCigar215d ago

^ @Phoenix76, good news my friend, Pavlov is available on launch day. If you need a source, I know Push Square mentioned it last in an article about 12 hours ago.

Phoenix76215d ago

Thanks sully. But haven't seen it on the psn store vr page yet. I'm in UK, don't know if it different across the pond

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Demetrius215d ago

No mans sky one of my most favorite games each time I play it I’m stuck on it for hours then once I play hogwarts legacy I’m stuck on that for hours lol gotta love great craftsmanship in gaming

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No Man's Sky gets a huge surge of users thanks to Starfield effect

Starfield's launch appears to be having a positive effect on No Man's Sky's own player numbers.

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jznrpg15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

It’s a really good game now. A lot different when I played it at launch. It wasn’t bad at launch but they added a LOT to make it much better than I thought it could be. VR makes it even better

northpaws15d ago

Amazing game, the only problem is it crashes a lot during MP sessions :( hope that will get fixed soon

Snookies1215d ago

Is that issue on console only? I've played a decent amount of multi-player on PC and hadn't had any issues. Maybe I just lucked out?

northpaws15d ago

Yes, I was playing on console, and whenever me and my friends (a group of 4) trying to do those weekly Nexus missions, at least one of us crashes or have some of errors that prevent us from finishing it.

MrDead15d ago

If you're on PC turn off Windows Game Mode, I can't play NMS for more than 30mins without a crash if that setting is on.

Click start > Settings > Gaming > Game Mode.

MrNinosan15d ago

I played NMS since release, and since Multiplayer patch I've spent over 1500 hours across PS4 and PS5. Never had a crash as I can remember

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darthv7215d ago (Edited 15d ago )

..."now" being the key word.

If we are to treat games equally regardless of who makes them, then the same holds true for Starfield. Only it likely wont need as much added content to make it "a really good game" as it already is... now. It already ships with more content than NMS had at launch.

The improvements Bethesda will make over time will be minor quality of life improvements. Performance...maybe a new mission here or there but much like 76 (which also lacked at the start and was later redeemed with a flood of content), Starfield was built to last a long time and benefit those who put in the effort to really want to explore the stars.

It's definitely the type of game for those with a creative and explorative mind with time on their hands.

Christopher15d ago

***If we are to treat games equally regardless of who makes them***

"If we treat 4 people in 2016 the same as over 400 in 2023..."

IRetrouk15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

"It already ships with more content than NMS had at launch."