What would a Game Pass dominated landscape look like?

Nobody is surprised by Microsoft's admission that Game Pass cannibalises paid sales, and many companies are untroubled – but a potential monopsony remains a threat for others

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Orchard107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

So it’s a threat to the likes of Ubisoft and EA and empowers devs to effectively self publish? I welcome that.

No more flooding the market with cookie cutter open world games, no more MTX pay to win BS. And more creative games being made rather than what big publishers think will sell a lot of MTX.

crazyCoconuts106d ago

The theory the article is exploring is that so much consumer money could be spent on subs that they rarely spend money outside the subs. That creates a situation where there are only a few real buyers for the games (MS, Sony, etc).
That would be bad news for consumers and game publishers alike. I don't understand how you conclude that the self publishing market would flourish and the quality of games would improve.

Knushwood Butt106d ago

I suspect Orchard's pay check is funded by game pass.

If it's not, then their comments are even more bizarre.

Jin_Sakai106d ago

“No more flooding the market with cookie cutter open world games, no more MTX pay to win BS. And more creative games being made rather than what big publishers think will sell a lot of MTX.“

Yea Xbox has had so many compelling games since Game Pass. Just look at their offering compared to Sony and Nintendo. It’s pathetic. Quality AAA games would dwindle if the landscape was dominated by game services.

crazyCoconuts106d ago

Exactly. The goal of the company running the service would be to put out games regularly that don't cost a lot to make but keep customers locked in to services. Ideally spending on MTs to supplement the sub income.

northpaws106d ago


Of course you would welcome that, of course.

shinoff2183106d ago

Gamepass would more then likely bring microtransactions more then repel them. What are you even thinking.

mkis007106d ago

Gamepass isn't MTX averse...on the contrary it needs them more. They can supplement the small income per game with a much larger one. The fact that you wouldnt own them but would still spend money on dlc is crazy too.

Flawlessmic106d ago

I mean it would more than likely be the exact opposite of what you said orchard but whatever, expect nothing less from you.

ChiefofLoliPolice106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

God your an idiot. Do you have any idea how bad of a situation that would put consumers and game devs and publishers alike?

Stanjara106d ago

Go to Google app store. That's how would it look like.
F2p galore, every game is a 5 star and when you spend all of your f2p crystals, you download another game.

Oh and ads... Lots of ads everywhere because you are not buying a product, you are one.

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isarai107d ago

Half baked titles that are really just free 2 play games in disguise, filling every aspect with monetization. Pushed out with bare bones and a roadmap of promises that may or may not be fulfilled. No thanks, i'll just pay full price on games that deserve it so they cam continue to produce complete experiences out the box.

masterfox106d ago

imo very poor quality in games, monetization everywhere and mostly all the revenue will go to one place and that's MS, developers would just received a fraction of what their games sales did for MS GP, and if the developer don't follow their MS guidelines you will be punished!!, you can actually see at this very moment what poor quality in content is, just go and look around Netflix, HBO, Disney , etc, compare what they have delivered in new stuff today and compare it with shows or movies from some time ago when no streaming were available, see the acting, see the stories, see the actors, and compare it today.

Is just common sense successful games that can probably make millions of revenue for a publisher or developer it won't happen again with the idea behind GP, cause literally developers will never know that because it will delivered to you for free with GP, so why developers would even bothered or publishers to create a unique high quality profile game if your game is destined to be given for free in a just 10 dlls subscription a month?, seriously don't you even remotely think is guarantee you will receive a high quality product.

Im seriously against this game service mechanics for the sole simple reason high quality games will go down the drain.

ChiefofLoliPolice106d ago

Bingo. Looks like Sony was right in the money when they said Day 1 AAA games on a sub service would cause the quality to go down. There is already evidence of this on EA Play and Ubi+ also.

Outside_ofthe_Box106d ago

I had to Google it to make sure it was a real word lol 😆

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