Cosmic Horror FPS Quantum Error Reveals Third-Person Gameplay in New Trailer

Today developer Teamkill Media released another brand new teaser trailer of its "cosmic horror" game Quantum Error showing third-person gameplay.

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shinoff2183110d ago

Hell yea. Good. I Much prefer third person but I'd do either. Nice to see.

cthulhucultist110d ago

yeah i think that its great to have options.

I personally prefer fps horror but I do like the look of this one although their reveal trailer was perhaps the most atmospheric one

Obscure_Observer110d ago

After all this time this game is still in a bad shape. The enemy AI is awful, bad animations, visually rough around the edges, bad frame pacing and the sound engineering is just as bad (The enemy burned alive is the worst).

Since it´s a work in progress, there´s room to improve. I might be wrong, but I´m not holding my breath and hoping this studio to deliver nothing above a 70 Metascore for this game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi109d ago

Man that AI needs work. Graphics look improved, the guns look like they actually have impact now, and I'm glad it's third person. But the AI.