PSVR2 vs PSVR: Is it worth upgrading your headset?

In October 2016, Sony unleashed its first PlayStation-ready virtual reality headset, the PSVR. It did rather well, however, it's now showing its age in comparison with other VR headsets out there and so the gaming giant is back with a replacement - the PSVR2.

Here's how they compare.

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CrimsonWing69100d ago

Ummmm… why would this even be a question?

CobraKai100d ago

It’s like those “should you buy a PS5” articles.

Bathyj100d ago (Edited 100d ago )

Is it worth not upgrading?

I meant what's the concern here? Price?
Would you wait 2 years to save a hundred bucks?

I spend more than that at the pub every week

Go head. Pinch your pennies if that's what you need to do. Maybe gaming is not the best hobby for you

Personally I would like to be on the ground floor and experience everything that psvr2 had to offer from the start rather than save a little bit of money.

Aussiesummer100d ago

I know right, its not like it's going to come down drastically in price, so those people should just take up knitting or something far more budget friendly.

jeromeface100d ago

well, not everyone has a "pub" problem so there's that. But enjoy your tech demos.

shinoff2183100d ago


Sometimes as a gamer some of us need to pinch pennies though. Gaming isnt about being rich or able to afford everything mew that comes out. It's about games. You can be poor and be a gamer you just have to do it different. I want the new vr pretty bad. I'll have to save though , doesnt mean I shouldn't get it. Maybe I just read to much into your comment

Deathdeliverer100d ago

I mean… you’re not going to die if you don’t upgrade… but I thought I’d FEEL like I was if I didn’t so mine is showing that it shipped as of 2am yesterday!