Move Over Lady Dimitrescu, Atomic Heart Has Tall, Russian, & Metal Mommies

Probably just as evil.

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I was very excited for this game until I saw gameplay of the main character just back peddling while shooting bullet sponge enemies. Hopefully that’s not the case in the final game.

Sonic1881218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

I also lost interests when I saw that. I was going to try it out on PC gamepass. Going to wait on the reviews on this one

bigfish218d ago

I would go with your gut instint and not place too much emphasis on reviewers opinions. This Might sound a bit philosophical but If the decisions you make in life are based on others opinions are you really living life....

I understand the argument about not wanting to waste your money therefore waiting for reviews, but personally the element of the unknown before trying out a game that your like the look of and forming your own opinion is what I find fun about games.

VenomUK217d ago

This would be such a great full game for PS VR2.

Yui_Suzumiya216d ago

It's the only game released in the last several years that's even worth playing

MeatyUrologist218d ago

Same here. The premise and early gameplay looked great, but recent gameplay looked very boring. Like you said backpeddling while poor AI enemies simply walk straight at you and absorb insane levels of damage. Went from an instant buy to a wait and see, but I don't see this scoring better than 7s and a few 8s unless they made some serious recent updates

headshotfrosty218d ago

Tend to agree with this. The ac wielding and 360 spin slice didn’t help either. Very early Skyrim feel to impact and melee.

Sonic1881217d ago

It does look like I will get bored

Deathdeliverer218d ago

Nothing about this game looks interesting to be honest. Maybe it will look more fun in an actual gamers hands.

SurgicalMenace218d ago

It looks to be a faster Bioshock type shooter. Sign me up.

bunt-custardly218d ago

I can't wait for the 6 hour scene with those twins.