Sega to Increase Employees' Salary on July 1st

Sega announced it plans to increase the average monthly salary of current employees by approximately 30 percent on July 1, 2023. Sega says that on an annual salary basis, the average increase would be about 15 percent.

To achieve this Sega will be "raising the base salary and increasing the ratio of base salary within annual salary by incorporating part of bonuses.

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Aggy104d ago

That's pretty awesome =)

Kaii104d ago

Shouldn't require the prime minister of JP to call on companies to increase wages, Imagine not getting a raise In 30 yrs WTfudge.

DarXyde104d ago

The US isn't doing much better. I think the last time there was a national minimum wage increase was four war criminals ago.

talocaca104d ago

America tries to fix everything with salary increases. At this point it seems like making $15 an hour you are still poor. The minimum wage in Tokyo is about $8 and people live well.

DarXyde103d ago


That's a bit of an oversimplification. Gonna get on my soapbox a bit here...

Tokyo is crazy expensive, but it is also better at balancing wage and living space cost. It's possible to get a room for around USD 200 monthly which can be covered with less than 25% of a minimum wage worker's salary. You won't be thriving, but you won't be homeless either. They also have a form of universal healthcare, so they worry about 30% of cost on all procedures instead of wondering whether their procedures are covered at all. It's a very nuanced matter there, but needless to say, their system functions better.

That aside, I don't think America tries to fix everything with salary increases at all. The cost of goods and services have increased quite a bit (still an understatement) but it very rarely goes to regular employees. Somehow, in the same time period, companies report record profits. So... Operating costs never increased it seems, yet they increased the costs to the end consumer and have record profits as a result. Those profits, probably in over 90% of instances, go to the execs for "strong leadership", rather than the labor for showing initiative. Gross.

Salary increases help, but certainly I agree, they are not the end all. It needs to be coupled with legislation and better social protection mechanisms. Whatever anyone thinks of capitalism, you're entitled to your opinion. That said, I think we can admit that it has gone too far in the states and people there are conditioned to believe that if we have salary increases, everything will improve. If there isn't reasonable legislation to accompany it, you might not feel any benefit from it, and I fully expect they'll try to do something like that to give people the impression they're helping.

talocaca104d ago

Tokyo permanent resident. While it is true that salaries in Japan haven't increased in 30 years, prices have also remained the same and in many cases decreased (deflation has been an issue in Japan for decades). I am fascinated when I visit family and friends in America. They all talk about this insanely high salaries, but everything is insanely expensive so they actually struggle a lot more. Medical care, public transport, housing, etc remain extremely affordable to the average Japanese employee.