Why I'm Still Playing Skyrim After More Than a Decade

How high the mountains of Skyrim rise...

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shinoff2183106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I still really wanna get into this game. I've tried a few different times. Nothing against the game but for some reason I lose interest quickly. I much prefer fallout and probably starfield whenever it drops. I still have skyrim for a rainy day though installed


I remember picking up Skyrim on the PS3 based on the glowing reviews and couldn't get into it. 10+ years later, I played the Series X version and I was blown away. The graphical and FPS improvements helped a bunch, but the difference is that I've matured more as a gamer and now see the value in games (like Elden Ring, BOTW etc.) that don't hold your hand so to speak.

Lexreborn2105d ago

We all mature differently in gaming interests. Nothing wrong with that, sometimes a game you weren’t interested in a month ago becomes loved 10 years later. It’s the value of life to be able to change and grow.

I still have no interest in Skyrim but I think there will be a version that hits me. I think the VR version might do it

Yui_Suzumiya105d ago

I'm eventually getting it for Switch to Try out.

shinoff2183105d ago

I never got a chamce to play the vr one on ps4. I had it , but then had a surgery and my leg was in a cast. Couldn't really play vr comfortably like that. Well had some money issues due to not being able to work(I swore I saved up enough) anyway had to sell a few things and unfortunately the vr was one of them. That's another reason I'm looking forward to the new one. I never got to truly experience the first one besides re7, and a game called persistent (maybe that's what it was called) . Fun though.

Hofstaderman104d ago (Edited 104d ago )

I tried Skyrim on the ps3 but the performance issues were horrendous and I didn’t see the value of investing my time in that version. Tried it on PS4 and completed the game at 148 hours as a sword mage build.

NINJA5689104d ago

i totally get it man! whats funny is that im the exact opposite lol. i cant stick with fallout but i can always get lost in skyrim. i recommend modding your game since it changes the experience. I'm currently doing a big mod run and having the best time ive ever had. i wish for you to find your moment with skyrim, and may have one with fallout some day

104d ago
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KyRo105d ago

I've tried so many times for it to 'click' with me but I can't look past the terrible animations, the awful voice acting, dated graphics (they were dated on release). This game is a solid 6 but because it says Bethesda on the front it got 10s. If it was any other games it would get slaughtered in the reviews.

Lexreborn2105d ago

Couldn’t agree more, but a 6 can still resonate with a lot of people in different ways. Gotta remember reviews are just the opinion of an individual backed by a company. If you don’t agree with that idea or care about that company then it’s okay.

shinoff2183105d ago

Even if it was a 6. A 6 is still solid in my book. 5 and under that's when it should be questionable.

S2Killinit105d ago

Then do it in VR at least. Should be great.

AgitUzumaki105d ago

I played it with my htc vice on pc and the immersion was incredible.

Dudeson105d ago

VR with a modlist while you're at it. Have it modded in vr and it was such a blast, altough I eventually went back to a modded list without vr, because to me vr is very fun, but still not beyond a gimmick instead of something for full playthroughs.

MrNinosan105d ago

I would like to play it in PSVR2.
Got my PS4 Platinum, but the PSVR experience was just awful.

This with the new headset and controller scheme would get me back in if time would be found.

Sonic1881105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I couldn't get into it either. I'm more of a Witcher and Dark Souls RPG gamer

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BrainSyphoned105d ago

I saved the Dragonborn expansion till last year but still haven't fully completed everything on one game file/trophy case since vanilla completion on 360. I ended up ruining my first Elden Ring run because it made me feel like playing Skyrim so I dropped a random 30 hours doing... stuff. I think the only titles that could take its place as the game I always go back to would be official Fallout 3 and/or Vegas remasters.

anast105d ago

The game sucks. It is a bad game from the story to the combat. The only thing saving this is mods and that is not even Bethesda at this point.

wolfpackfan10105d ago

It's just been the hate Bethesda train ever since Microsoft bought them. So petty.

shinoff2183105d ago


Tru maybe to an extent but betsada got hate when they were multiplatform still. Some people just didn't enjoy there games

anast104d ago

No, the game objectively sucks. It was dated when it was released and the mechanics, combat, and story haven't gotten better since obviously. People had to lower the bar, in order to accept this game because they loved the world.

The outcome of this was a game company that thought it was okay to release jank such as Fallout 4 and 76. It's bizarre that people in this really expensive hobby would actively champion mediocrity. The publishers eat this up.

Ristul105d ago

I feel that for Bethesda games, the gameplay is not keeping up with the competition. The combat for example is really stiff and lack any impact, compare it to Horizon for example and Skyrim pales. The best part about the Elder Scrolls is the lore, but the tech is to old at this point. I could not go back to it.

Yui_Suzumiya105d ago

Sounds like me and Fallout 3.. you know, the game that Bethesda won't release a million times, lol

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