Minecraft Shows Off New Cherry Blossom Biome & Sniffer Mob from 1.20 Update in Trailers

Minecraft's update 1.20 will include a brand-new Cherry Blossom biome and the new Sniffer mob, and Mojang revealed two trailers to show them off.

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Jin_Sakai110d ago

Mojang take ages to add the most basic things. And don’t think we forgot about the SDGP and Ray Tracing on Series X. And why are we still playing last gen versions of Minecraft on current gen consoles? Unbelievable!

-Foxtrot109d ago

Oh tell me about it, when MS bought them I thought with their resources and money Mojang would be pumping out huge updates on a decent schedule yet they've become slower and less meaty compared to years ago. When they have updates, 9 times out of 10 some features get pushed to the next update.

I've said it a dozen times but I don't know why Microsoft don't just ask the modders behind the biggest and most popular mods if they can buy them, give the modders credit and work on adding them to the official game.

I mean 10 years on and something small like the villagers never got better, especially design wise, you could have easily made 50 or so skins and randomize them for villagers or other NPCs...but no no, the Illagers and Witches use the same awful skin.

It's sad because you have some like Terraria (yes I know a 2D game) where they make you work on bringing in villagers, if you want a Nurse you need to increase your health or if you want a Demolitionist to move in you need to have found an explosive. If Minecraft took inspiration here and let us create or own villagers with unique skins then you'd already have a nice thing to work on.

Inverno109d ago

People freaking out about this on Twitter, and I don't understand what there is to be hyped about.