Harry Potter fans find Hagrid actor tribute in Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter fans have come across a touching tribute to the late Hagrid actor Robbie Coltrane, as Potterheads explore the world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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Crows90216d ago

Potter heads? You mean regular, good gamers


Hogwarts Legacy back at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

Hogwarts Legacy has reclaimed the top spot of the UK Boxed Charts this week, with a 214% spike in sales on Xbox Series X|S due to ongoing price promotions.

Avalanche Software's title replaced last week's No.1, Starfield, which has fallen to No.8 following an 87% decrease in sales after launch.

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Hogwarts Legacy back at No.1 | UK Boxed Charts

Hogwarts Legacy has returned to the top of the UK boxed charts, following a 228% spike in sales week-on-week.

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phoenixwing18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

might be the sale

MrNinosan18d ago

Well deserved.
It is a great game.

If it wasn't for Final Fantasy XVI, Tears of the Kingdom and Baldurs Gate 3, it would have a chance on GOTY against RE4 Remake, Starfield and probably Spider-Man 2.

senorfartcushion18d ago

It's alright. It's one of the only games I've not heard of anyone doing the side content. It's a bit overrated imo. The story is not what th Devs described too. Older interviews spoke of a story that changed with your decisions. The release game didn't have any of that.

The graphics are good though.

andy8518d ago

I did, but I got the platinum. And some things did change depending on your decisions. But it was quite minimal. Mostly characters appearing in the ending

sagapo18d ago

I liked it. Nice graphics, story and quests were ok. It just lacked some depth to build your character imo.

MrNinosan18d ago

Why wouldn't people do sidequests? 🤔

I did them all before grabbing the Platinum.
I'm not even a Potter fan, but enjoyed the game from beginning til end.

boing118d ago

They hit the jackpot with this game.

badz14918d ago

GTA5. Seriously, who doesn't have a copy by now? And MK8D, again, who the hell still buying these old ass games?

Vengeance113818d ago

I've never bought a copy of GTA 5 or any GTA in my life. Couldn't care less about GTA 6.

MatrixxGT18d ago

I bought it for PS3…. Beat it and shelved it.

raWfodog17d ago

Of course it is not very difficult to imagine someone who never played an ‘old ass game’ wanting to play it today.

mudakoshaka18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

It's overhyped, fan-boy garbage! I'm a big Harry Potter fan, but this was a mobile game blown up for consoles and PC. Just the fact that it runs without greater issue on the PS4 should be proof enough that it is not on par with the latest games coming out.

AI is crap, NPCs are crap, the feeling of playing as a student is a pile of dog-crap! Only thing they got somewhat good was Hogwarts, but there is no soul in the different copy-pasted parts of the castle. What a letdown!

Huey_My_D_Long18d ago

My guy, I think it was overrated a good bit, but its a competent game, and looking back at HPs video game history, this is by far the best Hp game. I Honestly don't know if a HP game could satisfy you, if you absolutely hated this. Maybe its the genre or something.
I'm not saying your opinion is wrong, but I'm thinking maybe your standards are too high, but hey each their own, I do hope you get the potter game you are looking for someday

mudakoshaka17d ago

Dude, Bully from over 15 years ago makes a better student game than this! All the previous Harry Potter games were just EA published pieces of crap riding the movie waves back in the day. Now, I really liked those games because I was a kid then. Just because this is the best HP game so far does not make it good. Is this the standard we have today? If it is the best piece of crap it is automatically great? No! As said, a bunch of fanboys crying over these games being great. It is the same fanbase that think that Star Wars is still a great universe! All the shows D+ craps out is well-written and so original…yeah right.


The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy Trailer

Great news for fans. During today’s Back to Hogwarts celebrations, Warner Bros. Games revealed a trailer for “The Wizardry Behind Hogwarts Legacy,” a behind-the-scenes inside look into the creation of the best selling, role-playing-game Hogwarts Legacy. The trailer provides fans with a glimpse into the game.

helicoptergirl22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

Wow great. Thankyou for submitting. Wish it went for longer though. Cant wait for the full doc

Garethvk21d ago

Thank you, hopefully more content will follow.

mkis00721d ago

I hope the ps5 pro gets an upgraded version of this game in particular.

Garethvk21d ago

First, we have to get the formal announcement of the PRO. My guess is there will not be new versions but it will upscale.