OXCGN Readers 2008 Game Of The Year Results Revealed


"Well if your choices are anything to go by, either the best Xbox 360 titles are usually released at the end of the year, or the freshest titles on your mind tend to get your vote. In any case the OXCGN readers have spoken!

Games like Guitar Hero, Brothers In Arms, Devil May Cry 4, and Battlefield: Bad Company barely rate a mention, while innovative XBLA games like Braid and Castle Crashers also aren't considered in the Big League. Strategy games like Civilization Revolution and EndWar aren't even close. Movie-linked games like Star Wars: Force Unleashed or Lego Batman aren't good enough, and latecomers like Tomb Raider: Underworld and Prince of Persia were…well…too late, it seems.

So who were the winners?
Counting down from 10 to 1 here are your choices for Game of the Year 2008:"

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Godem4205d ago

well interesting list, certainly not what i would have guessed!

where is Braid! :(

Acj23234205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

Wasn't surprised at the results at all, I am a big gears fan and I'm glad it hit number one but I think other games such as Far Cry 2 deserved it better

gaminoz4205d ago

WTF Burnout Paradise that high?

Mostly as expected. I think Far Cry 2 would have won for sure with bots and split screen :)

I certainly don't think it was that cut and dry this year. For PS3 it was an easy one for me: MGS4 (despite its faults), but not so for the 360. There were several that could have won.

XboxOZ3604204d ago

Well I voted for Far Cry 2, so what happened . . . . . Actually, I'm not that surprised, about the one at the number one spot. Given the fans it has, it's little wonder. Even if it isn't the best game out there, it still has the fan base.

Proving not the best games win in the end, just the one most liked.

Steelspawn4204d ago

Shocked to see Too Human make it in. I enjoy the game but it sure had its fair share of negative reviews.

XboxOZ3604204d ago

Well it was based on READERS votes, not the Industries votes. So perhaps it shows that more ppl liked it than those that reviewed it . . . ?

gaminoz4204d ago

Surprised also to see Dead Space, a game which apparently didn't sell well....but did review well.

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