Ubisoft Will Be at E3 2023 & Will Have "A Lot of Things to Show"

Today, during its financial conference call for investors and analysts, Ubisoft's executives pledged that it'll attend E3 2023, as long as it happens.

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Mr_cheese101d ago

Focus on quality and not quantity. Too many of your titles moved into the same category but under a new skin.

People may disagree but for me, ghost recon suffered from this. Everything that made that game what it was on PC was stripped as it was thrown into the division/assasins/ watch dogs style of game play.

Originality is desperately needed beyond concept

blackblades101d ago

They need need new IPs, less AC, FC etc. I would like another good small game like child of light imo. I cant remember my last Ubisoft except child of light might been that last one.

Orchard101d ago

And more revival of the IPs they've let rot. Like Splinter Cell. A proper revival, not some action focused shooter.

porkChop101d ago

I think Wildlands was a great but flawed game. I think they could have built on that to make a really great Ghost Recon game. Breakpoint clearly wasn't that, but they could still turn things around.

Take Wildlands, add more varied and interesting things to do, and make it a more hardcore, tactical experience. And make the open world smaller but more densely packed.

My friends and I really enjoyed sitting back with snipers, spotting and picking guys off, while one of us went in with silenced weapons. But the enemy AI was too dumb to make it challenging enough.

Orchard101d ago

I have a feeling the "A Lot of Things to Show" will all be similar open-world quest-based games with different paint on top :P

blackblades101d ago

Wasnt there a article saying they cancel a bunch or few games

porkChop101d ago

Let's hope they cancelled the typical Ubi formulaic games and kept something fresh.

Mr_cheese101d ago

Honestly wouldn't be surprised but can only hope that they're learning

chicken_in_the_corn101d ago

We should see gameplay and a release date for AC Mirage. Still hoping to see them sooner though .

CobraKai101d ago

I hope is ain’t more bloated open world games

Demetrius101d ago

Mane I think ac mirage not real the name says it all lol no gameplay footage, screenshots etc I bet they only been workin in it a small amount of time ubisoft never polished their games to the full potential