PS3 Kiosk, can you spot the 360? reports: "The image posted in Joystiq's article was snapped by Flickr user, hiredgoon. The photo was taken in a Harvey Norman store, an electronics chain based in Australia. It seems innocuous enough. Just an ordinary PS3 display to promote the machine for pre-order. Nothing special, right? That's what we thought, too. Let's take a closer look, shall we?"

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Marty83705711d ago

Best use yet for an X360.Holding up a cardboard cut out of a

Darth Gamer5711d ago

I was skeptical about the E3 Assassins Creed demo but if this is real, this is a new low. Hopefully only this store is doing this. I actually think this is kind of funny though.

True Gamer5711d ago

I actually find this funny...and its probably just this store that's doing it.

Silver3605711d ago

Like the first poster on the site said " the 360 has so many uses" it is also a PS3 stunt double. lol.

Syko5711d ago (Edited 5711d ago )

People must have known it was a 360 behind there. Unless this store is close to the Airport. People won't buy the PS3 in that area now because they think it sounds like a Boeing 747.

Come on Sony's I gotta get some love for that comment....

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The story is too old to be commented.